Laundry Detergent

homemade laundry detergent

I just had a friend email me asking for my homemade laundry detergent recipe. I thought I would post it for those of you who might be interested. Although I have not made or bought laundry detergent for about 6 months now (due to freebies from coupons), I am coming to the end of myRead More

Peanut Butter

fresh ground peanutbutter

Have you ever tasted homemade peanut butter? Ooooh, it is so good! For homemade peanut butter you, of course, need peanuts (or any other nut you want to use). Sometimes you can get them farm fresh, at farmer’s markets or at your local health food store. When bought in bulk, the peanuts can be stored directly in a clean,Read More

Are We Thankful?

pumpkin pies 2

I know we should be thankful everyday, but are we? I am grateful for this time of year, set aside to specifically to give thanks. We all, no matter what the circumstances are, have much to be thankful for. As the old hymn says, “count your blessings”. I find it so true,that when I purposelyRead More

Turkey Soup


Turkey Soup – have you tried it? This turkey soup recipe helps you use up leftovers and save money! What do you do with your Thanksgiving turkey after you have carved as much meat off  as possible? You know there is still some on it. Do you give it to the dogs? Do you tossRead More



I have not introduced you to Sophie yet. She was a bit embarrassed about her “condition”. But, that is all taken care of now and we have 3, beautiful tri-colored welsh pembroke corgi puppies. She had two males and one female last Saturday night very late. Needless to say, everyone here is so excited. Corgis were originallyRead More

Chocolate Cake – Lazy Woman’s

chocolate cake - lazy woman's

Chocolate  cake was easy to find when we lived in Switzerland. The problem was that most European cakes tend to be a bit drier than American cakes (like this rich and moinst Chocolate Candy Bar Cake recipe) – this held true for chocolate cake too! Enter the Lazy Woman’s Chocolate Cake recipe. I received not justRead More

Homemade Baking Mix – Bisquick

homemade bisquick and scoop

I have several recipes that call for Bisquick. But, since I have had such amazing results with the GAPS diet and have begun a more traditional diet, I now read labels. And yes, the Bisquick box, typical of most highly processed foods, is filled with chemicals and preservatives. So began my quest for a healthier,Read More

The Early Years

receipt and coins

While in high school, I started to learn the value of earned money. The desire to be a good steward (rather than necessity) resulted in a tendancy towards being frugal. For example, I wanted and learned to sew because fabric was so much cheaper than clothes. When we were first married, John was in graduateRead More