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Date? Husband? Why?

Occasionally, I will plan a date, whether it be an evening or afternoon out or just a movie night for the two of us, without my husband knowing about it. He loves it! I love it! After 25 years of marriage and 10 children, I still love being with my husband. A date is special time for us to be together. It is easier now with older children to watch the little ones and they get to do fun things if we are gone during the daytime (as opposed to a movie night that we have after they are in bed). I planned a date yesterday to go out for a few hours to finish some Christmas shopping. I would love to tell you what I bought but the older children read my blog – it would spoil their surprises! I have so much fun buying for them, even on such a tight budget. Most of my shopping has been finished for a couple of months. I guess I am a bit obsessive about it, but if I am not well underway by June, I feel like I am soooo behind! I shop clearances and sales, using coupons when possible, throughout the year to purchase gifts which (especially now) would be prohibitive with so many to buy for. Anyway, we picked up the last gifts yesterday and I am DONE! Now, for the wrapping.

Sometimes times wrapping presents becomes a date for us. My tradition for wrapping all my gifts is to pop in the “Runaway Bride” video and wrap. I know the movie so well, I do not have to look at the screen but just listen and enjoy. We can be together, husband and wife,  have a date and wrap presents.

Back to yesterday’s date…
We did a bit of shopping and then went out to lunch.

Towards the end of our date, we hit a couple of more stores, one I never seem to have time to visit, and then we returned home. Upon our return, we found the children watching a movie after baking sugar cookies much of the day. I can not say it was silent, but, All was calm!

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