Just Wait, It’ll Change!

snow pics 2

People have told us repeatedly that if you do not like the weather here in west Texas, “just wait, it will change”. Well, it is true! On Wednesday, we had 60+ degree weather and the children were wanting to wear shorts. On Thursday, well, see for yourself… FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestPrintE-mailReddit

Back to the Dark Ages!

telephone antique

Technology: cell phones vs voice over internet. Well, I did it!  I catapulted us back into the dark ages and it only took one phone call and about 10 minutes! What did I do? I took my own advice from the Frugal Living Tips post and disconnected our cell phones. I really do not feelRead More

Blowing Wind = Dirt!

wind deposits dirt

When we moved from southern Alabama, one thing I was not sad to leave behind were the hurricanes. Witnessing their destructive capabilities and having lived through the  howling winds as one made its way over head, I gladly said goodbye to them! While not to be compared to the life threatening possibilities hurricanes possess, westRead More

Teen Rebellion – Does It Have to Be?

Teen Rebellion – normal? Do you expect your child to pilot the space shuttle without training? How about something more realistic. When your child reaches 16 yrs of age, you don’t just hand over the keys to your brand new Lexus, do you? If so, chances are, you’ll have a wrecked Lexus! Nor should youRead More

Making Money from Plastic

credit card pic 1

Credit cards – do you use them? Friends are often surprised to find out that I use credit cards. Not only do I use them, but I make money on them! They are just another tool and the key is being responsible. You have to follow the same basic rules – live within your meansRead More

Texas Sunset

TX sunset

On our trip to Alabama a couple of weeks ago, I actually missed Texas! The sunset pictured above is one of the beauties this otherwise flat and treeless landscape holds. God’s palette of colors and the effect He creates are absolutely awesome! FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestPrintE-mailReddit

Homemade Mozzarella Cheese

grating mozzarella cheese

Having our own family milk cow means we normally have a lot of wonderful raw milk on hand. Besides drinking it and making kefir or yogurt an easy way to use the milk is the following mozzarella cheese recipe. Mozzarella is an Italian cheese which is quick, easy and fun to make. We enjoy eatingRead More

Post Featured!

Dave from PhilFAQS featured a review I wrote on Educator.com today. He had written previously to say that hopefully it would help answer questions from people living in the Phillipines who desire to homeschool their children. I hope it helps! As the homeschooling mom of 10 (only 8 are still at home), I know homeschoolingRead More

Date Your Man: Part 2

red rose

Husband? Date? Why? I received some very good feedback on my previous post, “Date Your Man”. Several readers desired to know what I have done to keep things fresh with my husband after 10 children and 25 years.  As I thought about the comments, I put together a list of things I have done toRead More