Back to the Dark Ages!

old fashioned telephone

Technology: cell phones vs voice over internet.

Well, I did it!  I catapulted us back into the dark ages and it only took one phone call and about 10 minutes!

What did I do? I took my own advice from the Frugal Living Tips post and disconnected our cell phones. I really do not feel as isolated as I thought I might and our children have taken it very well.

After not hearing anything from the couple interested in buying our Alabama house, I took another look at our budget. The couple actually looked at the house three times and cancelled an appointment to make an offer on the house. So, it was very disappointing. But, after all, at least we had some interest and maybe the  right buyers are just around the corner:)

Analyzing our expenses, one of the few places left to cut were the cell phones. I found that if we went with high speed wireless internet and  a landline, we could cut phone expenses in half! We had been using my cell phone as the modem for internet access and although effective, it was still dial-up and slow.

Further savings were realized by scrapping the landline and going with voice over internet which was 1/3 the price of a landline!  I (my husband actually) shopped online to find Phone Power which for our area was by far the least expensive. For less than $10/mth we could get unlimited local, long distance and even 60 minutes of international calling! We got this price by paying for 2 years in advance. So, now we have high speed wireless internet and voice over internet phone service for less than half the price of two cell phones with internet connection. Shop around if you are interested. If you decide on Phone Power, please use our username: usoswalds. With their refer a friend program, we will receive a $10 credit!

Our cell phone contract was up and yesterday was the last day of our billing cycle – So the timing was perfect!

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  1. Joe Oswald says

    John and Dina Marie; I am sorry to read that the couple didn’t make and offer-Yet. I know it is difficult to keep your hope up and your focus clear, but always make sure your deepest hope and longing is for Christ and His love so that whether you are in a small dusty rental house or a Swiss schalet, you will not despair! Have a good cry and then choose to lift your eyes and heart upward and obey what you know to be true. I love you all and will keep you and the house in my thoughts and prayers. Please them me what phone number to use now.

  2. says

    I am new to your blog so I am just reading a fw posts. I am sorry to hear your didn’t get an offer on your house yet. I hope it all works out for you guys. Also, that is great about your cell phone. We do not have a landline but we do have cell phones and they are expensive but I am using mine all of the time in regards to trying to find employment.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. says


    I was reading a few of your posts, I too am sorry about the offer falling through. I just wanted to say it’s good that your kids took the change well. I think my son would DIE if I took away his cell phone. There are only 4 of us but it still can get pretty expensive. I’m looking for other ways to cut costs!

  4. Krista says

    HI! Love your blog! Your family picture is wonderful and I hope to see a new one soon. I am super excited about your homemade detergent recipe and I can’t wait to try it! Will check in with you soon. Take care!


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