Just Wait, It’ll Change!

People have told us repeatedly that if you do not like the weather here in west Texas, “just wait, it will change”. Well, it is true! On Wednesday, we had 60+ degree weather and the children were wanting to wear shorts. On Thursday, well, see for yourself…

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    That’s insane! We’ve been having nice weather–but tomorrow it’s going to be cold again…noooo!

    Happy Friday! I’m here from Friday Follow–can’t wait to follow you!


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    Happy Friday Follow! Love your post about West Texas weather – we have the same craziness in North Texas right now. From 60 degrees to 36 in a blink. Hope you’ll stop by!

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    Stopping by from Friday follow and following! Wow that is alot of white for Texas!!! We’ve been getting some here in NYC but not that much. I’d trade though for the cold, its 17 degrees today!

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    Yeeesh, huh? I was just watching your crazy weather on our news up here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada last night. Now you have some Calgary weather in Texas! Which I’m sure you didn’t want.

    I am Friday Following you!

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    That’s kind of how it is here where I live (minus the snow). It could be freezing one day, then hot and sunny the next!! LOL

    Thanks for stopping by my blog for Friday Follow!

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    We say the same thing in Iowa…
    I remember in the first part of December, wearing jeans, flip-flops, and a hoodie one day. And the next day it was -6 degrees and 2 feet of snow. Wacky weather seems to now be the norm!!!

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    I’m here from Friday follow. We are the opposite in California right now..it was cold and rainy last week and beautiful most of this week.

    I didn’t see anything to follow so I subscribed via email instead.

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    I’m coming by from the Friday Follow :o) Thank you for stopping by, following and commenting :o)

    I read a bit about you on your profile page and we are looking forward to future grandbabies… Today, here in coastal Georgia, it is bright and sunny…and a wee bit cold (but I am always cold it seems)… compared to yesterday’s full day of grey skies and rain…

    I consider myself still “new” to a lot of this blog world…so I am like Danieele and not sure where to become a follower. But will try to figure it out :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Come back any time :o)

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