What About Your Resolutions?

Resolutions – have you forgotten?

Here we are in 2010, January is gone and February is here! How are you doing with your new year’s Resolutions or re-commitments?  As you may remember, I shared my resolutions in Looking Forward. To be quite honest, I am having varying degrees of success with these.

Things I have no control over:

  • The couple who saw our house in Alabama three times and were scheduled to make an offer, canceled. We have heard nothing else from them. Disappointing, Yes! Encouraging, Yes! Why? We had interest, which, with the market so depressed over the last two years – is a big encouragement.
  • Although it has been extremely cold here, the grapes seem to have hibernated well and hopefully,will flourish, producing a bountiful harvest.

Resolutions or things I do control:

  • Exercise: Once we returned from Alabama in January, I have been able to increase my exercise and am doing a minimum of 1 hour per day (most anyway). This is a combination of the Chalean Extreme for resistence  and flexibility training as well as  biking for cardio. When the girls and I finish the Chalean for the second time, I would like to try the P90X. I have felt the need to kick my exercise up a notch for health reasons (arthritis and hot flashes!).
  • Nutrition: I have begun to make a healthy smoothie using our homemade kefir,  flax seeds (which I grind myself), protein powder, spinach, cinnamon – yes, it is green and although it does not sound like it, it really tastes very good. I was able to order online the flax seeds, as well as, Omega 3 supplements very inexpensively. Both will hopefully combat the inflammation from arthritis.
  • Meal Planning: Well..uhm…I must confess…I now plan the night before, but, have yet to take the time to get the meals down on paper. Here is a meal and menu planner I had posted earlier. It is an excel template and I will use it!!! It does save so much time if you know ahead what is planned. We are still eating from our freezers (all 3 of them) which has greatly decreased our food bill.
  • Banjo: I have consistently been practicing :) My husband and children are so encouraging – it makes me want to play better so I can join in the fun and play with them. They especially enjoy playing gospel and bluegrass together.

What about you? How are doing with any resolutions or recommitments you made? Leave a comment and let’s hear it: confessions, bragging, needing encouragement…

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  1. says

    You seem to be doing well on your Resolutions. My only resolution (tentatively) was to exercise more. I tried Yoga recently, but did not enjoy it at all. I like walking, and even though it is cold here, I’m going to try to walk more.

    I think I’ll go for a walk in a little while. My dad used to have a banjo and took lessons, it is hard, good luck with everything!

    Thanks for following me, I’m following you on Twitter now, and on Facebook. – Have a great day :)

  2. says

    I love your outlook about your home–such a positive attitude, I love it!

    I’m doing okay…still exercising more than I used to and eating healthier than I was, but I know I can do better. At least it’s a start, though, right?

  3. says

    Up until yesterday I kept one of my resolutions and that was to keep the socks and undies folded when the laundry is done. Well I am doing a load today so can cheat and just say not done yet but better get ’em done today.
    Life style change is going pretty good. I lost 6 lbs and 13.75 inches in January, a very long way to go but working at it. I have another blog also that has this on it. http://www.julie-thegoingtobenewme.blogspot.com It’s a start, need to keep working on that.
    Eat better, working on that. No fries or tater-o-lays in January.
    I’m your newest follower, at least for the moment, there will sure be more, you’re so neat to read about and learn from. Thank you for sharing.
    Take care and have a great day. God Bless!!!

  4. says

    Love your blog. You have such a great read. Thank you for sharing. I’m doing pretty good so far on my resolutions. The socks and undies are calling, suppose to have them done with each load, good thing one to go. Life style change is progressing. Lost 6 lb in Jan and 13.75″. A very long ways to go but a start. I have two blogs the one above and this one if you want to see what my life style change is all about. http://www.julie-thegoingtobenewme.blogspot.com
    I lost my first comment here, not sure where it went, cyber-world somewhere.
    Thank you for stopping by. I am your newest follower, at least for the minute, I’m sure tons of others to follow.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  5. says

    We’ve had a building for sale in 07. It’s a joke, this market.
    My only goals this year are to practice yoga daily, meditate, eat right and enjoy my life.

    Sofar? so good! :)

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