Texas Sunrise

I never tire of the beauty the landscape here in west Texas affords. Although it is rough, rugged and desert-like, it has a beauty all its own.

How, you might ask? With flat land and no trees, you can see for miles and miles. This makes for especially beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I look forward to warmer weather so we can enjoy them with a cup of coffee!

**Another benefit – if your dog runs away, you can see him for a week ;)

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  1. Beautiful picture!!

  2. Gorgeous sunset!

  3. Hi there! Back at ya from Friday Follow! Beautiful picture ;)

  4. I’m here from Follow Friday!

    Love the picture! I’ve been to Dallas, East Texas, back to Dallas, through Houston and to San Antonio… it was dang hot… and nothing as beautiful as that picture! Almost makes me wanna go back for a visit!

  5. That is absolutely pretty! Just stopping by from The Classy Closet!


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