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Technology, when it works, it is great … but, when it doesn’t – UGH!

I posted last week how I had catapulted us Back to the Dark Ages – well, it was more true than I realized! I had ditched our cell phones and was able to get high speed wireless internet and voice over internet as our phone service for less than half the price of two cell phones with dial-up connection. We have had an excellent internet connection because we are quiet close to the tower and have not dropped a call using VoIP. I never knew the internet could be so fast! How did I ever put up with dial-up? It is amazing the technology you get used to – and so quickly!

But, Sunday night, our wireless tower went “down” and not only did we not have internet, we had no phone – technology! We do still have my original tracfone for emergencies so if something happened we could contact the outside world – but, those minutes are expensive and not to be used except in emergencies! So, all of Monday and part of Tuesday, I was disconnected, totally!

Actually, it was probably good for me. Withdrawals from high speed were not too severe. Did I get more done without my new found technology – email, blogging, and talking on the phone? I don’t think so. I tend to be more organized the more there is to do! So, I felt as if I were just spinning my wheels. Don’t get me wrong, school work got done, meals were prepared, cheese was made and I did mend some clothes – it just felt as if something wasn’t right!

I am still very pleased with the decision made (now that it all works again!) and our advances in technology, but you should be aware of this possibility. When one goes “down” it all goes!

**For those of you who did not read about the savings of this advancement in technology: For less than $10/mth we could get unlimited local, long distance and even 60 minutes of international calling! We got this price by paying for 2 years in advance. So, now we have high speed wireless internet and voice over internet phone service for less than half the price of two cell phones with internet connection. Shop around if you are interested. We found Phone Power to be by far the least expensive. If you decide on Phone Power, please use our username: usoswalds. With their refer a friend program, we will receive a $10 credit!


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    The house we live in now has a metal roof that interferes with our cell reception. So if it’s pouring out and I don’t want to go half a mile down the road for service, I have to get online, send random yahoo messages or emails to who I’m trying to get a hold of. it’s a pita.

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    I checked out the Phone Power website but couldn’t see where they offered the high speed internet access. Maybe I misunderstood. I thought you were able to get both through Phone Power.

    • says

      Sorry I did not make it clear! Phone Power is our voice over internet provider and our high speed internet is through ERF Wireless (I do not know if they are available in all locations). We are still pleased with Phone Power and I would recommend it!


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