New House!

Our new house – can you see it? OK, I know I am asking for some imagination but eventually it will be beautiful! We have been talking about staking the house site and we did it. It overlooks the vineyard and eventually (Lord willing) will be surrounded by vineyard as we expand.  If you look carefully, you can see 4 white arrows pointing to the stakes at the 4 corners of what will be our new house.

Think Italy, Tuscany, wine country with rolling hills – maybe forget the hills since there are none here – quaint, picturesque, you get the picture. If all goes according to plan (and they are always subject to change) the house will be one story with basement, stucco and have a metal roof which looks like terra-cotta tile. I think for landscaping we will use cactuses (since I won’t have to water them!) surrounded by pebbles.

For now, the plan for the house is to begin digging and building the basement. It will be a walk-out basement, meaning that three sides will be covered with dirt leaving only one side exposed. I never thought I would be so excited about living like a mole.

When completed, the basement will be slightly bigger than the house we rent now. Once the house in Alabama sells, we will finish the upstairs.

This will be the view from the front porch once the whole house is completed. Now, in winter the look is  so different than what it will be in the summer. Though the vines have no foliage and are bare-looking, they have their own beauty even now. Once we expand 10 more acres, the vineyard will be up to the house.

Just to be on our own property, so close to the vineyard is exciting to plan towards. Even if it does mean living like a mole for now!!!!

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  1. Hello! Wow what an exciting project! Hubby and I would never agree on what a new house should look like, or what should go in it – would be too hard on the marriage :)
    Just noticed that your ad space on my blog ends on the 23rds. I will leave it up until the 28th since Feb is so short.

  2. Basements are awesome. And it’s nice that you’re doing it together. :) I think everything will work out fine, you certainly have the plans for it.

  3. I can see it now. It’s beautiful. You have a white rocker on the porch overlooking the vineyard and you sitting there watching, oh it’s 4 grandkids now, them play on the swingset of the porch. It’ll be wonderful when it’s done. It’s a hard job though and I don’t mean the work, the organizing, the picking things out, the getting it right but oh so worth it in the end. Good luck and please keep us posted and pictures as it goes. I love watching great things happen to wonderful people. You go girl.
    Take care, have a blessed day today.

  4. wow that’s amazing! I can totally see it!

  5. Have you built your own house before? It is a lot of work but so worth it. And…what a great learning experiance for the children. I love dreams, especially when they get to come true! :~

  6. Jerinne Seaton says:

    Hey guys, I’m so excited about the plans and yes I can see the whole layout! Just think how cool it’s going to be sitting out on the porch drinking your amazing cup of coffee and talking with each other about all God has done in your lives. We are praying BELIEVING miracles are going to happen! “I know the plans I have for you!” Jeremiah 29:11.

  7. I can see it! Well my version but I can completely see it. What an exciting time for you and your family. I will say a prayer that it goes smoothly and is nothing but a positive experience.

  8. That view is spectacular!! Wow . . . absolutely beautiful! I love your blog and I have an award for you at!!

  9. That is really exciting!!!

  10. Very exciting news :o) It will be fun to watch the progression… May all the plans and progress go smoothly and blessed!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  11. A Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with A Single Step! What a beautiful goal to work towards. I currently have a walk out basement and love the amount of light it lets in. I have had a fun visit on you blog, and I wish you’re family all the best.

  12. Sounds awesome. Be sure to post pictures as you go and, of course, we can’t wait to see the finished project.

  13. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh it looks super peaceful!!! I’ll preorder a bottle of wine from your vineyard!!!

    FF visit!

  14. How exciting! Good luck with all of it. It sounds like it will be beautiful! You’ll have to keep posting pictures as you make progress!

  15. I am so thrilled for you and your family! I can’t wait to celebrate along with you! :0)

  16. What an amazing project! Lots of hard work, but it will end up being fruitful!

  17. How exciting – I can absolutely picture it!

  18. What a WONDERFUL journey to look forward to! I would blow that photo up and dream of the end result every day.! Beautiful!

  19. What a beautiful spot for a house! I love it :) My parents built a house in the country in the middle of a field and they love it :)

  20. I can tell how excited you are! It’ll be lovely.

    My daughter recently came back from Dallas, and as a native New Englander, had a hard time adjusting to the flatness of the land!


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