Garden Time! – Part 2


In Garden Time!, last week, planning your garden location was determined to be one of the first steps to planning. This week I will continue with other factors to consider in the planning process.

When planning your garden, one question is whether to buy seeds or plants. There are many vegetables which are easily started by sowing seeds directly into your garden soil: squash, (summer, zuccnini,) pumpkin (also a squash), beans, corn, peas, cucumbers, watermelon, cantelopes…

Others however, must be started indoors from seed and transplanted. They are transplanted, or replanted to your garden once the weather and soil warms and there is no danger from frost. Tomatoes are a good example of these, along with eggplant and peppers (bell, jalapeno). To have plants which are large enough to transplant, you must start early. Usually seeds must be started 8 weeks before the projected time comes to transplant. In addition to time, indoor space must also be available. Seeds are definitely less expensive than buying plants but also require more planning.

Logically, the next decion is where to purchase the seeds or plants. Local stores often carry both seeds and plants. Whether a local feed store or WalMart, buying locally is, many times, more convenient. Another option is to order from a seed company. I have used Territorial Seed Company and have been very pleased. Advantages of seed companies over local retailers include:

  • A narrow line of products all related to the gardening field which may translate into better quality.
  • Valuable customer service to answer questions and help in the decision making process.

I will be doing a combination in our garden this year. A friend very generously gave us a greenhouse, so I now have room to start my own seeds! Since the greenhouse will not be heated, I will be starting the seeds inside our house and then moving them to grow and get sunshine to the greenhouse. I will be posting pictures of the greenhouse in the next few days and hopefully, you will be able to see the progress of its building. For now, it is in pieces waiting to be assembled.

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