Gardening From Seeds

As I mentioned earlier in Gardening Time Part 2, I am doing a combination of purchased plants and plants which I have started from seeds. I thought it might be helpful to show some pictures of how we start the seeds.

For our flats to start the seeds in, we (John, actually) cut the bottoms off 5 gallon buckets which I got from a bakery – their icing comes in them and when they use the icing up, they throw the buckets away! The top of the buckets are saved to use in the garden around the young plants to protect them from the stiff west Texas wind.

The flats are then filled with sterile potting soil. Using a knife, the soil is smoothed and rows.

The seeds are then sowed very close to each other in the rows and soil is sifted over them to cover the seeds. Sorry the picture is a bit fuzzy :)

The soil should be kept moist. The watering must be done carefully so as not to disturb the soil. We kept ours inside the warm house until the threat of freeze was past and the seeds were sprouting. At this point, the daytime temperature was warm enough in the sun to encourage rapid growth.

You can see from the picture, that they are still sprouting and growing. When the seedlings reach about 2 inches tall, we will carefully separate them with a spoon and transplant into 2 inch pots. The seedlings will be allowed to grow in the 2 inch pots until large enough to transplant into the garden.

I appreciate those of you have emailed me with questions – feel free to do so – I am not an expert by any means, but I will be glad to help if I can!

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