Pouring Concrete for the Slab!

Here are some pictures of the basement slab being poured. We ended up having 5 cement trucks come – which was very exciting for our little boys, the big ones too actually!  OK, we were all excited about it!

Because the trucks were coming from 50 miles away, the slab was worked in sections. As the concrete was poured it was spread out over the plastic.

After spreading the concrete, it was leveled.

Once leveled, the men used a wire mesh tamper to cause the stones in the concrete mix to sink. This helps give a smoother surface to the finished slab.

After the surface had become dry enough, a whirlybird was used to finish the concrete to a smooth surface.

Needless to say, with a family our size, we had plenty of supervisors!

Here is the slab almost completed and we are waiting on one more truck!

Once sufficiently dried and the surface finished with the whirlybird, the slab was covered with plastic. This prevents the concrete from drying to quickly and allows it to cure slowly giving a stronger slab.

The walls will be next!

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  1. very cool!I like the smell of freshly poured concrete for some reason!

  2. Coming along nicely!

    Looks like the little guy is on top of things! ;-)

  3. How exciting!!

  4. Anxious to see the final result.

  5. Woo Hoo! You’re on your way! Guess that house is now written in stone! {{snicker-snicker}} Sorry! Devil made me say that! Looking good my friend. Many Blessings on your new home.

  6. Very exciting!

  7. Nice, when do the walls go up? Maybe I can help in a couple of weeks!


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