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  1. says

    I wish 5:00 meant something good, but it’s when the kids are hungry and cranky.

    8:00? Now that’s the time for me. Kids bedtime, and I get to read blogs and make comments, maybe even do a post of my own.

    Thanks for sharing the pic of the chickens, made me smile.

  2. SShirey says

    Those look like happy chickens! Well, 5:00 here is supper time – since we eat our big meal at lunch, the evening is a bit like “pecking” around for a small bit of something whether it be leftovers, a bowl of cereal, yoghurt, smoothies or sometimes even a bowl of leftover homemade ice cream!

  3. says

    Here chick, chick, chick! I see these chickens, and I thought of (of all things) the I love Lucy show where she’s walking around clucking for the chicks to follow her! LOL Oh brother, I need to get a life. 5:00 means to me that the hubby will be home any minute from work! We don’t eat until six or seven, but I usually start supper around that time.

  4. says

    The meaning of 5:00 has varying meanings to me depending on life stages. It used to be a hectic time when all the kids have to be up and getting ready for school. The rest of the meaning came in between that and the present which is now more relaxed. But what I wouldn’t give to experience what you describe as your meaning.

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