Bees Swarming

Bees swarming! This is what was found one morning when we got the vineyard:

After investigating on the internet, we found that this is what happens when there are two queens. One leaves taking her following with her to a temporary location. The queen is in the middle of all the honey bees for protection.

Seven to ten scouts are then sent out to find a permanent location to build their hive. Upon returning, the scouts each try to convince the swarm that their location is the best. Once one has convinced the others that theirs is the better choice, they swarm to the new location and begin their new home.

The swarm stayed in the vineyard for three days before moving on.

Too bad we did not have a hive box for them – we could have had our own honey bees!

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  1. Wow! You should have tried to kludge something together them. We need more bee keepers!

  2. OMG – I would be totally freaked out if I saw that!

  3. chantal says:

    My dad has honey bees in the back yard that he takes care of. It is a hobby of his and amazing to see how they make honey etc. While Im scared to death to get out there by them i love watching him. It is sooo amazing! and the honey tastes Great! better than whats found in the store!

  4. I would call a local beekeeper if I were you. You could probably get one through your local ag. department. With all the honey bee die-off, it would be good to make sure these stay alive.

  5. OMG, I was freaked out.

    What are you planning to do?

    Happy Thursday

  6. Get a Bee Hive and start selling the honey. My 11 year old son is doing this as his firt business adventure. They are so beautiful and needed. :)

  7. Wow! You are brave to get close enough to photograph them. But what a cool thing to discover and research and learn about! I had no idea that even happened. It’s amazing. I wonder what the scouts do to convince the others that their spot is the best? What a great thing to be able to teach your kids….up close and personal nature lesson!

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