Fruit is Setting!

As we work in the vineyard, it is so exciting to see the grapes forming daily! Here are some pictures taken within the last week so you can see the progression of the formation of the actual fruit.

First, you can see the blooms. If you look closely, you should be able to see the little round green nodule behind the bloom that will eventually be grapes.

Here is another picture showing the fruit on the left (after the blooms are spent) and a full cluster of blooms, although a bit fuzzy, on the lower right.

These pictures were taken early last week and the grapes have already gotten even larger!

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  1. says

    those grapes are growing so fast.

    I don’t anything this year (maybe next year, I said the same thing last year).

    Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend.

  2. says

    Such a inspiring blog! I was thinking this morning that I was having a challenging spring/summer…..but no, I read your blog and am encouraged to hunker down and help everything grow a bit better around my own home.

  3. Jerinne Seaton says

    WOW! What beautiful pics! Thanks for explaining because I was wondering how it all worked! Keep us posted


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