ICF First Course Done!

For those of you who are new, we have just begun the first floor (basement) of our new home which will overlook the vineyard. We are using the Rewards Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) and were able to finish the first course or layer yesterday evening. We chose the Rewards ICF not only for their insulation and strength characteristics but also their price.

It is amazing how easy the ICF is to snap together. They are really like legos! Inside are plastic dividers which give strength and we will place rebar before concrete is poured for added stength.

First came marking the slab as a guide. So, we popped the line. Our concrete slab is not blue as the picture portrays – it is really gray! This line is our guide to make sure the blocks are square.

Each block is 4 ft wide and has teeth (remember legos) to snap to the next course. Since the first course will be sitting on the slab, the teeth of one side were cut off. A line of glue is then put down on the slab using a glue gun and lining it up with the inside edge on the line, the block laid on top. For the next block, glue is put on the slab and up the ends of the previously laid block.

The blocks are then held down for a few minutes until the glue sets.

What happens if the block is too wide – you just cut it to fit!

Hopefully, most of the walls will be up by this evening with bracing. For now, though, I am off to buy more glue!

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  1. says

    Wow, that is amazing. We had someone in our neighborhood use these. Do you think they will become more widely used? Watching your progress…very exciting! I can just imagine sitting on the deck with you having tea and looking out over the vinyard. Beautiful…:~)

  2. Spence says

    Nice, I’d love to help but I’m incapacitated. Check facebook if you need proof. Haha, I’ll see you guys in a few.

  3. says

    Awesome! We love it when customers take the time and blog about ICF construction in the fields. If you guys ever have questions on the product or installation don’t hesitate to call. Plus I would LOVE to taste a first batch of your wine when its ready!

    BTW ICFs make INCREDIBLE walls for wine storage cellars… :-)

    Troy G
    Reward Wall Systems

  4. says

    I had heard about these insulated concrete forms before, but didn’t really know how they worked.

    Its amazing to me how such light material can be used in forming, but per your illustrations, its looks rather straightforward. And being able to not have to deal with heavy wooden forming at all is quite a bonus.

    I am definitely considering ICF now for our next building project.

    Thanks for the demonstration and pics.


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