Puppy Love

Puppy love – isn’t there a song about it?

For us, it is evident whenever our corgi, Sophie, has puppies. They are so cute and lovable! With the litter born Aug. 4th, there are 3 tricolored males and 1 red female. They are now 21 days old and I will be putting an ad in the paper in the next week or two. My ad will read:

Corgi pups, AKC – parents are family pets. Born 8/4. Well socialized. $350. Call…..

Did you notice the “Well socialized” part? That really is important in a puppy’s development. Ask any pet psychiatrist!

Growing up in a family with children brings out their personality and develops their patience. Basically, teaching them skills needed throughout their lives – stomper truck racing and police boat driving (that little girl looks especially suspicious).

Our puppies have many socialization periods throughout the day – supervised of course! The difficult part comes when it is time to say goodbye. But, can you imagine our house if we kept them all?

No puppies were harmed during this or any other socialization period.

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing these pics, they made me smile!

  2. awwwwwww
    we used to want one…
    lol, then we had a baby…
    this makes me want one again!

  3. Oh, so cute! I love baby puppies…

  4. What a doll! (The puppy and the babies!) If they (the puppies) would only stay so cute. ;) Thanks for sharing…

  5. i just love dogs…especially puppies!

  6. Totally adorable. I miss my black lab we had – she went to doggy heaven. Hubby says it’s too soon to get another. oh well.

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