Framing the Walls

Once we hand harvested the Montepulciano, we were able to start work on the house again. Hopefully, we can get a lot done before next week’s harvest. John’s brother is visiting so, the goal is to get the roof on before he leaves!

Since we used Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), the exterior walls went up very quickly. Now, we are working on framing the interior walls. Here are a few pictures:

It may be difficult to envision, but there are three bedrooms on the south side.

The north side of the basement will be the kitchen, dining area, living area and bathroom.

Next comes the roof (which will eventually be the floor joist of the first floor).

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  1. Looks awesome thus far. At the rate you all are building, it should be done in no time. Good luck!!

  2. so which room can i sleep in?

  3. It looks wonderful! I know you all will be much happier when you are done.


  1. […] framing the walls and putting the roof on the basement.  The goals were almost accomplished. Framing the walls were finished the early part of the week. They began the roof on Thursday. Since it will only be […]

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