Treasure Hunt

You may have noticed that there was no post Tuesday.

Normally, the reason for me not posting could be any of the following: there was nothing going on and I could not think of anything to say, the internet is down, I am sick or there is no reason.

But Tuesday was different.  I, we, the whole family, were busy tearing our house apart. A treasure hunt of sorts.

I looked down shortly before breakfast and realized the main diamond in my wedding ring was gone – GONE!

Talk about a sinking, sick, want to throw-up feeling.

So, we spent the next few hours looking everywhere. The kitchen, bathroom, kitchen and bathroom drains, bedding, drawers, clothes’ pockets, closets …. We were on hands and knees with another person holding a spot light hoping to catch a glint or glimmer. We went through the vacuum bag and trash bags.

Unfortunately, we did not find it. Needless to say, I was bummed all day.

Later a verse came to mind which is speaking of wisdom:

4 If you seek her as silver,

And search for her as for hidden treasures;

5 Then you will discern the fear of the Lord,

And discover the knowledge of God.     Prov. 2:4,5

I realized that just as we were all seeking my diamond, a hidden treasure, so we should be seeking wisdom – God’s wisdom.

We will continue to look for my diamond and I am hopeful that it will turn up eventually. I also have a renewed zeal to seek the Lord in my everyday life. Seeing Him in each circumstance. And, teach my children to do the same.

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  1. What a great example of seeking God’s wisdom. I hope you find your diamond. My mom has lost (and found) hers twice! Once in the vacuum bag and once in the sink strainer.

  2. I agree…in the midst of that, you are still able to focus and share an important message. Oh, I hope you find your diamond. I had “lost” my wedding pearls for a very long time and only came upon it when we were moving to another military assignment…it was tucked in a corner of our water bed (this was long, long ago when we had the old fashioned waterbed that set inside a lined frame.
    and I also lost a gold puzzle ring my husband got me from Kuwait and a couple years later, found it in a bag of remnants for quilting!

    Blessings & Aloha!

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