Plumbing in Progress

Work on the house continues between harvest and vineyard work. John has been working on the plumbing that exits the house to the septic tank. The PVC is measured, cut, glued, fit together and voilà!

Since we live outside the city limits, the septic system is one of the few aspects of the house which must be inspected. After meeting with an installer, who did the equivalent of a perk test, John has gone to work designing. Having done the same on our house in Alabama, it should go faster this time, right?

After the design is complete (and harvest is over), we will rent a backhoe to dig the field lines and hole for the septic tank.

We are planning to do our final machine harvest on Friday morning. Hopefully, after that, we will be able to devote more time to the house. Our goal is to move in by Christmas – of this year!

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  1. Just give shovels to everyone and tell them to start digging. :)

  2. You guys are so amazing for taking the bulk of this work on yourselves. So fun to see the progression.

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