Fresh Flowers

I just love having fresh flowers on our dining table. What I don’t love? The price!

Roses and especially yellow ones are my absolute favorite. When living in Alabama, I had several rose bushes including yellow ones. Unfortunately, the humidity made spraying for insects and mildews mandatory. I was not always consistent with spraying, so, while we had some roses, I finally decided they were too much trouble.

My answer: Zinnias.

Zinnias are a flower which grow with very little care and the more you cut the blooms, the more they bloom. And, they will keep blooming until the freeze kills them. What more could you ask for in a flower? They also come in many colors including yellow, red and orange. I have found that the seeds from Wal-mart grow just as well as those from more expensive nurseries.

If you like fresh flowers and do not have a green thumb, give zinnias a try. They really are an underrated flower.

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