Engagement Announced!

Our oldest daughter is engaged! We knew it was coming and were not surprised but are certainly pleased. I feel like the Lord has answered our prayers in sending her a godly young man. The official proposal (with ring) was October 4th.

Since our son-in-law-to-be had never seen Father of the Bride with Steve Martin, we watched it together (muting a couple of scenes for the younger children) the following weekend. If you have ever seen the movie, you will remember it is told from the father’s perspective. George (Steve Martin) and Nina’s (Diane Keaton) daughter Annie had returned from studying in Rome for the summer. At dinner that evening, she announces she met a man in Rome and they were to be married. George’s expressions as he remembers Annie as a pig-tailed little girl are priceless.

Our pig-tailed little girl certainly has grown up into a godly, beautiful lady. OK, I realize that I am bragging but she is my daughter and, after all, aren’t mothers allowed to that every now and then?

Planning is well underway as the tentative date is January 15, 2011. She has already found a dress. I am not at liberty to disclose details as they might fall into the wrong hands! But, I will say, it is white and I had to choke back tears several times as she tried on different dresses. She is definitely not that pig-tailed little girl in my memories any longer.

The day spent dress hunting really impressed upon me the privilege of motherhood. As a mother, you pray, seek the Lord as you go through the daily routine of life, teach, comfort and the list goes on. Sometimes in the throes of daily life, it is easy to lose focus. I mean to lose sight of what is most important – our children themselves – and not just the “list” that must get done.

In the blink of an eye, you turn around, they are grown and leaving home. Whatever the path the Lord has for them, be it marriage or career, our time with them is so short. Make the most of it!

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