The Long Road

Long Road and Empty

It never ceases to amaze me just how fast time flies! The past four months have been no exception. The following is a summary or our life events.

At the end of November (2010), I had what should have been routine surgery requiring a three day hospital stay. Things did not go as planned! The initial surgery was on Tuesday and by Thursday, I had lost over half my blood volume (it was in my abdomen) and transfusions began with an emergency second surgery being performed Thursday night. Recovery has been very slow . The most difficult part of the process has been the lack of energy necessitating scaling back on all activities. I know, we do not bounce back as we did in our younger days but then I do not normally feel my age! Anyway, I did not think that applied to me – Wrong!

Next came the Christmas holidays and a trip to Georgia. I spent the trip itself  lying on the backseat of our 15 passenger van. Once we arrived at out destination though, we had a great time. Visiting with family is always invigorating.

The next major event was our oldest daughter’s wedding on January 15. Thankfully, the majority of planning had been done before my surgery.  After returning from our trip to Georgia, we had about 2 weeks left to finish the arrangements. We had quite a few out of town family members who attended and they all pitched in to make it a successful and joyful event.

If you remember, we had started building our house at the vineyard and hoped to be moved in by Christmas. Unfortunately, with all the complications of my surgery, that did not happen. We were also not able to complete it before the vineyard work began. So, it is on hold for the moment while we prune the vines. Hopefully, sometime this summer – early summer :)

The last few months  have been filled with the unexpected, frustrations and joys. I am thankful to say, I feel back to normal and am enjoying the energy to complete my daily activities once again.

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  1. says

    I noticed the silence but thought it was just the demands of work and motherhood stealing the minutes. Wow. So glad to hear you’re on the mend now and I’ll be interested in hearing how this years harvest shapes up … and actually, how the first harvest worked out. Godspeed.

  2. says

    I love reading your blog it really a nice post especially those cookies. And it also get my attention the long road, i remember when i was on my journey together with my honey while he is driving his car i saw like this way down the road through sunset. Thank you for posting.

  3. angelle torrejas says

    A long roads for me; means the long journey of a human in this world that GOD give us,
    So, very thankful for this site, I finally find the real truth..

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