Tired of Grapes?

Guess what is being carried and stored in the blue shirt.

I think they look guilty of something!

You might assume that with 20 acres of grapes and working in the vineyard every day, we would be tired of eating grapes.

Nope, no way.[Continue Reading]


While our days are mainly filled with vineyard work for now, we do take time to play. The following shows a glimpse of the lightheartedness of our boys. They have a healthy (I hope!) competitive spirit amongst them. I must admit though, sometimes they are a bit too daring for my mother’s heart.[Continue Reading]

House on Hold!


While we have not actively been working on the house recently, it is so nice to look over the vineyard and see it in the distance.

Much of the house is complete. All but a couple of pieces of sheet-rock have been put up and the last pieces are cut. We even started mudding it. Once the sheet-rock is finished, we can paint it.

The ceiling will be tongue and groove wood which I plan to white-wash so that the wood grain still shows through.  Finally comes the finishing with bathroom tile and fixture, as well as, kitchen counter top and fixtures. Oh, and don’t forget the lights, ceiling fans, shelves and trim!

I guess that sounds like quite a list of unfinished items, but in light of what has been completed – we are almost done!

Back Flips!

Our 13 year old son had a dream in which he could do a back flip. Now, he is probably one of our most agile children. While living in Alabama, water skiing came very easily to him at a young age. But in this dream, not only could he do a back flip, but he started from a crouched position.

This dream led to a search for instructions on doing a back flip which led to a You Tube back flip tutorial. Practice began Friday evening -at my poohooing – I did not want to see any broken limbs, necks or other injuries. I even said I would not watch and did not want to hear any crying – just suffer in silence![Continue Reading]

Daily Life

I would like to give you a glimpse into the routine of our daily life.

Every morning we wake, eat breakfast and walk the half mile to the vineyard (we are saving money and getting exercise!). Most people walk their dog but we walk our cow. Yes, you read it right. Buttercup walks with us every morning to the vineyard where she is staked in the rye which surrounds the vineyard.[Continue Reading]