Garden Preparation


Besides being enjoyable, having your own garden is not only economical but also provides your family with a healthy source of fresh vegetables. Our garden spot, pictured above, looks desolate now and the pink flamingos look lonely – but wait until June!

While I am not planting yet, we are preparing. Our garden is on part of what once was an 65 acre cotton circle. As a result, our soil must be supplemented. We do this with home grown manure. We have access to a pecan shelling company in the little town near us. Most people have their pecans shelled and leave the shells with the owner. So, we pick them up and spread them in the chicken yard. The chickens love to peck through and find the morsels of pecans left in the shells. (This is a great way to supplement the chickens’ feed!) Between the decayed shells and the chicken manure, we have great compost!

The boys worked on spreading the compost over the garden and are preparing to till it in. You can see the color difference. The garden dirt is reddish while the manure is a rich dark color.


Here in our area of west Texas, we have a problem with nematodes. In fact, in the vineyard, when selecting the root-stock for our vines, one requirement is that it be nematode resistant! In the garden, they really take a toll on our squashes! Our next addition to the soil will be something to kill nematodes!

While we will not actually plant the garden until April or May, the time spent preparing and planning now will hopefully make for a more bountiful garden.

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    Ola! Dimes2vines,
    Thanks for the info, Spring is the begin of a new rising season. Time to get your yard prepared for planting and finish what you could not get done ahead of winter season established in.

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