Pruning the Vineyard

prepruned vine 2012

Yesterday I explained what the  prepruner was and how it works. After the prepruner is finished, hand pruning is done to further prepare the vineyard for fruit production. We (the children and I) are now hand pruning the rows which have been prepruned. Below, you can see what a vine looks like after the prepruner.Read More

Prepruning the Vineyard


It is that time of year – time to prune the vineyard. For us this year, we will be using a mechanical prepruner. What, you might ask is a mechanical prepruner and why do we want to use it? It is a hydraulically controlled machine, pulled behind a tractor with computer assisted cutting blades. The spinning blades areRead More

The Cowboy


While we have little boys that love to pretend to be cowboys, we have never actually been up close to a real live one – until, that is, this weekend. It all started when I listed a heifer on Craigslist to sell. She is a 2 1/2 yrs old jersey heifer and is 7 monthsRead More

Liver Pâté

liver pate

Liver Pâté was never a recipe I had a desire to try. But, being on the GAPs diet, I have learned that one of the more easily digestible meats is liver and especially Liver Pâté. Oh, as a young girl, I really liked Liver and Onions. In my hometown, there was a restaurant called Shoney’sRead More



Cheepo  is the name or our parakeet. That is ChEEpo – not to be confused with ChEApo! He was a Christmas present from our oldest daughter and her husband to the four youngest boys. Why would someone call their bird Cheepo? Because he cheeped. Very softly in the beginning. But now, he lets loose andRead More

Life is Short!

As I write this, we are preparing to travel to Georgia for my father-in-law’s funeral. While his death was not totally unexpected, it is still an emotional time. I will not be posting for the few days of our trip but we would appreciate your prayers for our family, as well as, all the otherRead More

West Texas Sunset

sunset feb 2012

I hope you do not get tired of seeing pictures of the beautiful sunsets here in west Texas. Each one is like a unique painting! FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestPrintE-mailReddit

Wheat Thins, Homemade

wheat thins

If your family is like mine, they love Wheat Thins. In fact, we can put away several boxes at one sitting! This homemade Wheat Thins recipe is so easy and costs a fraction of the price that the store-bought crackers do! And, they taste amazingly like the real thing. I cannot seem to make enough of themRead More

Cabela’s Commercial Grinder

ground beef grinder

Having butchered our first steer a week ago, we needed a grinder to grind the “leftover” meat and fat to make ground beef. Knowing that we intended to continue raising our own cattle, we wanted a grinder that would be able to perform for the long term. We were in the Austin area for a TexasRead More