What is Missing?

Let’s play a game!

I will show you a two pictures, see if you can tell what is missing in the second. The two pictures are identical except for one detail – how attentive are you?

Here goes – Picture #1

Now – Picture #2

OK – the test – What is missing?

If you said the stainless steel bowl on the stove, you were right!

Why would I ask such a question? Well, one character quality I want to instill in our children is attentiveness – attentiveness to details, attentiveness to the needs of others …

Well, I was not attentive and provided a great example of how inattentiveness can cause danger. Fortunately, it was myself that suffered the consequences!

I moved the bowl from the stove top to the drying rack so it would not get hot and potentially burn someone while we baked a cake.  I was inattentive to the water which had collected on the rim of the bowl and fell to the floor as I moved it. Since I did not see it, I could not clean up the floor. A few minutes later, dressed in shorts and running shoes prepared to walk, I hurriedly entered the kitchen. Walking aroung the chair to the counter, I slipped on the water which I had spilled and fell to the floor hitting my head on the chair as I went down.

If you know anything about the head, you know that it is very vascular – meaning that blood was everywhere! After assessing the damage, our 16 year old daughter drove to get John while I held pressure to the back of my head. He was able to super glue me back together rather quickly. Except for a headache lasting over the next few days, I recovered nicely.

The moral of the story? Slow down and be attentive!

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  1. says

    That was a terrible story. Please take of yourself. You seemed to be concentrated on something that moment, and were away from the current things you did.
    Get well soon!

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