Life is Short!

As I write this, we are preparing to travel to Georgia for my father-in-law’s funeral. While his death was not totally unexpected, it is still an emotional time. I will not be posting for the few days of our trip but we would appreciate your prayers for our family, as well as, all the other family members who will be travelling.

I say his death was not unexpected because he was in his 80’s and in poor health.

Still, it does cause reflection on the brevity of life. Whether we live 20, 40 or 90 years, we will all die. We will all face the God who made us.

Are you prepared?

We will all have to give an account for why we have fallen short of His plans for us.

Do you have any idea of  what is to be done?

God loves us beyond measure and requires our obedience without the least slip-up.

Have you obeyed Him by doing only what is right and your whole life rejected everything wrong? (You know in your heart. No one has to point anything out to you.)

There is a price for disobedience. Are you ready to pay it? Obedience yields eternal life with God, while transgression results in eternal separation from God – death, hell.

But God, being loving beyond our dreams, provided forgiveness for us by somehow taking our place in that judgment. All we have to do is penitently ask for His forgiveness – you and God alone know your own heart.

While some people know their life is coming to an end, others have no idea that their time is about to be up.

Have you humbled yourself and asked?

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