Garden Seedlings – Time to Start!

seedlings closeup 3-27-12

One way our family has saved quite a bit of money is to have our own vegetable garden. Not only do we enjoy fresh vegetables throughout the summer but I also freeze vegetables to enjoy in the winter. I am very serious about putting vegetables up in the freezer  Рwe have 3 chest freezersRead More

More Pruning!

Tyler's vineyard budded

We finished pruning our 20 acre vineyard last week and began helping our oldest son (Tyler) and his wife (Jessica) prune their 25 acres. They live about 15 minutes from us so we do not have too far to travel. We normally get to the vineyard by 10:00 am, work until lunch and then continueRead More

Lacto-Fermentation – What Is It?

Lacto-Fermentation Collage

In the following, I have linked to products from my affiliate partners that I personally use and recommend. You may have noticed my latest recipe additions – Sauerkraut and Fermented Carrots – are fermented. Being on the GAPS Diet and reading about the health benefits of probiotics, I have purposefully added them to our family’sRead More

Fermented Carrots

fermented carrots

Fermented foods are a wonderful sources of probiotics which help keep the beneficial bacteria in your gut healthy and active. The following recipe for fermented carrots is an easy to prepare, lacto-fermented recipe. You can read more about this process in Lacto-Fermentation. After only a week on your counter at room temperature, fermented carrots areRead More

Rest Day?

sunset 3-21-12 first

Yesterday, I awoke to a rainy day! Yes, you read that correctly. Here in west Texas it was raining! The normally dry, desert conditions were completely different – everything was wet! We even had rain running down our windows! Now, we are dedicated workers and even work in freezing weather, but with the rain, everyoneRead More

Pudding, Raw Chocolate

Raw Chocolate Pudding

In the following, I have linked to products from my affiliate partners that I personally use and recommend. We have chocolate addicts around here. And, it does not have to be healthy chocolate for some of them! Being on the GAPS Diet for the fourth week as a family, the feeling of deprivation by allRead More

Foggy Morning

foggy morn 3-12

With all the dramatic temperature changes while pruning, we have come to really appreciate the warm days of early spring. This morning, however, was met with damp thick fog – very unusual for west Texas! Looking from the house, you can see in the picture above, the vineyard is not even visible. My first thoughtRead More

Results of the GAPS Diet

While we undertook the GAPS Diet as a family experiment, to make sure everyone had healthy gut bacteria, the results have been encouraging. I have detailed my experience with the GAPS (relief from rheumatoid arthritis pain and ability to eat meat after a 30 year “allergy”) but the family has also benefited. I see resultsRead More

East and West

sunset 3-12

This week has been filled with pruning. From the time we finish breakfast until we stop about 8pm for dinner. Actually, we do not stop for dinner Рit gets dark around 8pm so we quit work. We are averaging pruning about 1 1/2 acres per day and have about 4 1/2 acres left. FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestPrintE-mailReddit