GAPS Introduction Diet – Week 2

We have just completed our second week on the GAPS Introduction Diet as a family. If you are not familiar with GAPS, you might like to read the GAPS Review to find out more. It definitely went much smoother than the first week! We continued with about 2 days per stage and very few symptoms of die-off were experienced. Everyone is feeling much better.

In Stage 4, I had introduced nut muffins which our bodies were just not ready to digest. At the end of the week, I tried them again, successfully this time – everyone was ecstatic! Anything resembling bread or a bread product was delicious!

Stage 5 involved the introduction of cooked fruit and raw vegetables. Each addition was made slowly and for vegetables, I began with raw carrots.

Stage 6 added raw apples and other fruits. We have to this point added apples and pears.

We are now entering the Full GAPS Diet which will be continued for a yet to be determined length of time. I will continue to add more new vegetables while at the same time staying away from the starchy ones like potatoes, okra and certain dried beans. These starchy vegetables turn quickly to sugar (a disaccharide as opposed to a monosaccharide like honey) and feed the “bad” bacterial which we are trying to bring under control. As our menus expand, the children are definitely happier and more satisfied – limiting ourselves sure can be challenging!

Kefir, yogurt and fermented vegetable (homemade sauerkraut and fermented carrots) are here to stay in our diet. The probiotics in them are both economical and take very little preparation time in the kitchen. Grains will be left off for awhile and when re-introduced, I will soak them to help break down the phytic acid (an enzyme and calcium inhibitor). Everyone has been able to adjust to drinking water instead of a drink mix and I will be adding kombucha soon.

Many good changes have occurred in our family as a result of being on the GAPS Diet. While limiting ourselves, especially in sugar intake has been difficult, I have no doubt that we have given our bodies a jump start on bringing the “bad”, toxin producing bacteria in our gut under control.

After all, it is always good to practice self control!




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