It’ll Change!

When we moved to west Texas four years ago, one thing we were told was not to fret the weather – give it time, it’ll change. Boy, were they right!

Last week we had freezing weather with drizzle, sleet and snow. Oh, and don’t forget the wind. One day we had 41 mile/hour sustained winds with gusts reaching 50 m/hr – we lasted about an hour before deciding it was a great day for schoolwork! The younger children are the ones who really suffer in the high winds – the dust is being blown around closer to their eye level. Wanting to be prepared, they played around us with their goggles on to protect their eyes!

This week the weather began with temperatures in the high 70’s and very little wind. Monday was such a beautiful day that we had an afternoon snack of apples right in the vineyard! As you can see, most everyone is wearing shorts!

We are now well over 1/2 finished with the pruning. We completed the 7.5 acres of Roussanne last week. Tomorrow we should easily finish the 5 acres of Montepulciano and begin the Aglianico (7.5 acres).

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    I really admire what you and your family are doing. Living in the city just takes a toll on you and no doubt that family ties are far better if you live in the country. And ten kids! That must be a handful but a fun handful for sure. You are all clearly enjoying life. God bless you and your family:)

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