Kitchen Ferments

How many kitchen ferments or, to put it another way, fermenting things can one kitchen hold? Since we have been on the GAPS diet and I have learned the probiotic benefits of lacto-fermentation, my kitchen is full of ferments! Does this show an addiction? I am saving money making them myself! But, after all, how many jars can one kitchen hold?

Under my dishes is my sauerkraut. To find starter culture, Click Here.

sauerkraut in jar

To the left of the kitchen sink are the fermenting carrots. To find starter culture Click Here.

carrots fermenting

To the right of the stove used to be jars of fermenting water kefir. But, this was my least favorite ferment, so I quit! I have tried several recipes and have yet to find one that does not taste or smell like a garden hose! If you have a good recipe, please let me know. To find water kefir grains from my affiliate Click Here.

Beside the coffee maker are the jars of fermenting milk kefir.  To find milk kefir grains from my affiliate, Click Here.

fermenting kefir

And, don’t forget the top of the refrigerator – that is where the 9+ gallons of kombucha are fermenting! (from my affiliate – where to buy a scoby)

kombucha on fridge

I have read that a space of a few feet between ferments is good and I do have that. So far, there has not been a problem and all is working well.

Do you have anything fermenting in your kitchen? Leave a comment and let me know what – I’d love to hear that I am not the only woman with too many jars in her kitchen!


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  1. KimH says

    That is so interesting to me.. but I havent got one jar of fermented anything in my kitchen..
    My daughter who lives in Tx is supposed to be sending me a starter of her kefir, so I shall soon be taking a baby step or two. 😉
    Have a great day!

  2. Penny Tocheri says

    I just love this post (and all of yours BTW) because I have jars everywhere…every size and holding many things! I reecently found 1/2 gallon canning jars at a thrift store (12 of them) and said “eeeekkkk!!!” outloud! I also got 20 GALLON glass jars from a house being cleaned out…again, I was so excited I squeeled! I put all of my kitchen pantry items in the gallon jars (I have larger cold storage pantry in our garage)like oatmeal, brown sugar, rice, etc. We just recently got our own family milk cow (Jersey) who was already in milk sooo…lots of milk products going on in my beloved jars like yougurt, cream cheese, sour cream, heavy cream, half and half and of course…MILK (lots of it). My next project is Kombucha…love your system!! Where did you get those AWESOME containers (tea…3 gallon size)? We are enjoying very similar lifestyles!

    • says

      Wow, Penny, congratulations on finding such a deal on gallon jars!!! I must admit to a tiny jealous streak though 😉
      It is the little things in life isn’t it? I am so glad to hear that I am not the only woman with a thing for jars!!!
      My Kombucha containers came from a local restaurant supply store. Using a tube connected in the spout, we drain the kombucha and then refill from the top with fresh sweet tea.

  3. says

    LOVE this! We were on GAPS last year for a period of time….I wish I had found you then! I have 9 children at home and they are a big help! We currently have just sauerkraut, but I want to get beet kvaas going again and kefir.

    And I also love it that you don’t have cupboard doors! 😉 We have only a few–we liked it better leaving them off!

    Hoping to glean more off of your wonderful site! Thank you!



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