Modern Pioneer Woman

After moving from LA (lower Alabama) to West Texas, our time has been spent with starting the vineyard for the commercial production of grapes for the Texas wine industry. We now have 20 acres of grapes in the 3rd and 4th leaf. We will be planting 2 1/3 acres more this week. Most of the acreage is under contract and this year’s crop is looking good!

We have also completed phase 1 of our house building. Now, we have begun to plant fruit trees, vegetables (including an asparagus bed) and are planning a wind break of trees around the house. I feel as if we are modern pioneers making our homestead! I realize this sounds silly, but I feel that we are finally making this home.

As I write this, the winds outside are howling at 32 mph and the view out the window is brown with dirt. I wonder if Laura Ingalls has similar feelings of thankfulness to be inside rather than out on the prairie? I think she and I would have gotten along very well – kindred spirits, so to speak.

But, I digress – back to homesteading …

About a month ago, we planted fruit trees and boy did they look spindly! That did not matter though, after all, we had 6 peaches, 6 cherries and 2 pears and 1 apricot!

Planted in a line, behind the house, you could hardly see them :(

Now, however, they are budding and there is no doubt, they are there and alive!

You might notice the freshly mown grass in the picture above. It is courtesy of our oldest son at home. He was mowing and I could not help but laugh as I realized he had an audience – Buttercup and Emme were watching!

I know being a modern pioneer woman is much easier than living back in the real pioneer days.

I sure am glad there are no Indians to ride over the “hill”.

I sure am glad I have electricity.

I sure am glad I have indoor plumbing.

Your turn, what material “thing” are you glad to have?

Leave me a comment, I would love to hear!

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    Two things I have learned to appreciate since we moved are plumbing and heating – especially since both went out several times since we moved here. I think another move is inevitable as I can’t compromise those modern conveniences!

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