Mayonnaise, Basic Homemade

After being on the GAPS diet now for 6 months, the relief from my arthritis pain has spurred me to read and learn more about the affects of diet upon our bodies. Making my own mayonnaise is one change that has resulted from minimizing the amounts of partially hydrogenated fats in our diet.

Making your own mayonnaise is so easy – I should have started doing it much sooner! But, then again, there was no motivation to do it. I settled for the convenience of the store bought mayonnaise and never questioned the healthiness of it! Things have changed, however, I am no longer settling for the status quo! Homemade mayonnaise is creamier and richer in taste than its store bought counterpart not to mention healthier.

You may be a bit squirmish as you look at the recipe which calls for an egg – raw egg, that is. Since we have chickens, I am sure the eggs are fresh and I encourage you also to find a source for pastured eggs. Raw eggs are safe and very healthy for you when they are pastured. In the GAPS diet, raw egg yolk is introduced during the second stage because they are easily digested and absorbed quickly. Eggs provide wonderful nutrition!

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45 Lessons Life Has Taught Me

I received an email this past week containing an article written by Regina Brett, 90 years old, of the Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio. Although I would probably put the list in a different order I thought it contained some very good points.

I decided before posting it, however, to research Regina Brett and validate the article. I ended up on which is a great site to validate internet information circulated via email.

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We have a new kitten, Lolli – short for Lollipop. She is half Siamese and I found her through craigslist – the “free” column, which made her even more adorable.

Lolli is 6 weeks old and small. She is very playful and the children faithfully carry her with us to the vineyard everyday. Bob, our corgi, goes with us and after all, we would not want her to get lonely at home all by herself![Continue Reading]

Kefir Popsicles

strawberry kefir popsicles

I shared earlier how easy homemade kefir is to make. Now, I have found another way to incorporate kefir’s wonderful probiotic benefits into our family’s diet – kefir popsicles. I have primarily used kefir as a breakfast drink with fruit and sweetened with honey so ti is a smoothie.

But, now that the weather is hot, I started making kefir popsicles.

I actually use the same ingredients as if I am making a kefir smoothie but change the quantities. Three basic ingredients and imagination open a world of new treats!

Using kefir, frozen fruit and honey, I blend until smooth, pour into popsicle molds and freeze. How easy is that!

Plastic and stainless steel molds are available online. The first popsicle molds I purchased were from a local store on sale at the end of the season. They worked but the popsicles came out tasting and smelling like plastic – it was awful! So, I threw them away and ordered (from my affiliate) these popsicle molds and love them! Not only do the popsicles look nice but the children love having the wooden sticks – it the little things!   ;)

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Transplanting Hoop House Plants

I posted quite a while ago about building our own hoop house. It has worked wonderfully – except for the high winds whipping the plastic around. We finally took the plastic off and left the small plants protected by buckets. The buckets provided shade, as well as, wind protection. Now, however, it is time to transplant to the garden.

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Lunar Eclipse

I hope you were able to see the lunar eclipse Sunday – it was amazing!

For us here in west Texas, beginning about 15 minutes before sunset until sunset was the most dramatic view. As the moon moved in front of the sun it appeared as if a bite were missing from the edge of the sun.

Finally, the moon was in the center of the sun making it appear as if the sun had a hole in it – you could just see the outline of the sun.

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Buttercup’s LBC (Little Brown Calf)

You know the saying, “a watched pot never boils”?

Well, a watched cow never calves – until she is ready that is!

We have been watching Buttercup very closely for the past 3 days because she was showing signs of being close to calving. We were preparing for church on Sunday and just glanced in the pasture, saw her standing and looking normal so we did not bother going out for a closer look. [Continue Reading]

Milking Parlor Concrete Poured

I posted last week on the progress made building our new cow palace (aka milking parlor). From framing to finishing, we have done the work ourselves. Besides saving money, it also gives the children a chance to learn additional skills and confidence to try new projects.[Continue Reading]

Storm Clouds

The different storm clouds passing over have given a beautiful view for all of us here in West Texas. Like the sunsets, you can see the whole horizon of clouds. No trees make for a nice view!

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Almost Finished!

Our new cow palace, otherwise known as milking parlor, is almost finished. Milking is going to be exciting in the new surroundings!

Using left over tin roofing, the sides are somewhat mismatched but only until there is another break in vineyard work, then it will be painted. As you look at it,  try to visualize a pale yellow cow palace surrounded by a field of green grass.

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