Greetings from Macon

How is your geography? Do you know where Macon, Georgia is located? Macon is just south of Atlanta. If you picture Georgia as a frying pan, Macon is right in the middle! Macon, Georgia is my hometown – I was born and raised there. Now, I am sitting in the sunroom of my mom andRead More



Coleslaw might remind you of picnics – it does me! I love it when my plate is dripping with the sauce from the coleslaw – especially when there is a hot dog or hamburger bun to soak it up! Especially with the heat of summer upon us, I have been making meals consisting of twoRead More

Vineyard – June 2012

june 2012 vineyard

With the rain that we have had so far and the hot weather, the grapes are doing wonderfully! The vines are loaded with grapes. Below are pictures of each variety and their clusters.  FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestPrintE-mailReddit

June Sunset in West Texas

sunset June 2012

As always, the flat terrain here in West Texas provides views of beautiful sunsets. The colors are so vivid and gorgeous! FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestPrintE-mailReddit

Rogue Cows!

cows in asparagus

Have you ever seen the damage a herd of rogue cows can do to a vineyard and a garden? We were spared disaster when a neighbor’s herd of Black Angus cows got out and went roaming – through our vineyard and garden. If you have been reading Dimes2Vines for awhile, you know that our milk cows, ButtercupRead More


tposting finished

Now that our 2 1/3 acres of new vines, Petit Verdot and Moscato Giallo, are growing well, it is time to put the trellising in place. Our trellis consists of cordon wire strung on 4 ft high t-posts and VSP wires strung on 6 ft high t-post. VSP post’s (vertical shoot position) hold extra wires which supportRead More

Coyote Update

Yesterday, (Thur 6-7-12) started off very exciting! It all started about 7:30am. Now I must confess that if I am not milking, I sleep until I must get up – not because I am lazy but we have been working until dusk, eating dinner about 8pm, getting to bed around 11p – 12mn ….. manyRead More

Watch Out!


Beware all you drivers out there, we have a new automobile operator in our family! Our 16 year old daughter passed her driving test and is licensed to drive alone. While she is very responsible, the mother in me is anxious – will she be careful, will she get lost, will she wreck? Knowing her: TheRead More


Bob fetching

I have not been very prolific in my writing this week but our week got off to a difficult start. In fact, Monday about 9:00am, I thought, “I can not believe this!” Bob, our wonderful, obsessed with “fetch”, corgi was gone! Bob who stays right with us in the vineyard – except if it isRead More