Vineyard – June 2012

With the rain that we have had so far and the hot weather, the grapes are doing wonderfully! The vines are loaded with grapes.

Below are pictures of each variety and their clusters. 




We will probably harvest September until October and much can happen between now and then, but harvest is looking good! Lord willing, it will be a great harvest!

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  1. They are beautiful!!! I am just curious…what do they taste like right now since you say you will harvest in September!?! Are they sour?

    • Hi Jamie and thanks! Right now the grapes are very sour but every week you can taste the development of the flavor and they are less sour – it is hard to wait!

  2. Wow.. they’re looking beautiful!! Yay!! Heres to a great harvest!!

  3. Christie says:

    They are gorgeous! I love your updates, praying for your harvest.

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