Greetings from Macon

How is your geography?

Do you know where Macon, Georgia is located?

Macon is just south of Atlanta. If you picture Georgia as a frying pan, Macon is right in the middle!

Macon, Georgia is my hometown – I was born and raised there.

Now, I am sitting in the sunroom of my mom and sister’s condo in the hot, humid, muggy – but sunny – central Georgia town. I have been here for over a week visiting and have had a wonderful time with the two of them. I must confess, however, I sure miss home!

I left John and the children at home to drive with our oldest son and his family to visit Mimi (my mom) and EC (my sister). They stayed for a week and left me here to drive back a week later.

If you have been reading for awhile, you will remember that John’s mom died in November (2011) and his dad in February (2012). I have always valued family time but these events, as well as, just getting older has brought a renewed awareness of how short life is and the need to make the most of the moment. Hence, my trip to Georgia.

I have been able to get them started on the GAPS Diet while here so I hope to hear of great physical improvements in both their health. Besides visiting, I have been cooking, running errands and shopping. We have watched a movie every night – staying up usually between 12MN and 2Am each night. I like to read after going to bed so I have been up later than either of them. And of course, late nights mean late mornings and I have had the luxury of sleeping until 8 or 9 each morning.

On the home front:

John tells me they have strung the wires, tied the bamboo in place and have been training the new planting of Petit Verdot and Muscato Giallo. I will be sure to post pictures of the progress when I return.

Buttercup began running fever, not eating and dropped dramatically in her milk production from 7 gallons per day to about 3 gallons per day. It turned out she had worms and her rumen was out of wack. We purchased her from an organic dairy which used apple cider vinegar as a de-wormer and we continued that treatment. This however called for bigger guns and John used a drench to kill the worms and fed her probiotics to re-balance her rumen – maybe we should put her on GAPS!

As an early birthday present, John bought me a Shih-Poo puppy. Sprinkles was picked-up by our oldest daughter and her husband on the return trip of their vacation – after I was in Georgia. I am looking forward to seeing her and will definitely be sharing her with you through pictures. Housebreaking seems to be a challenge at this point and they are threatening to change her name to Puddles!

The garden is producing and they even hoed it for me!

Obviously there has been a lot going on (as usual) and I am looking forward to getting back into the middle of things!

Just remember as you go about the hustle and bustle of your life to take time and spend time with those important to you. Life is short and we are never guaranteed tomorrow.

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  1. jamie says

    I totally agree with the importance of spending time with those you love! My family has always enjoyed spending time together! We like to get together and eat wonderful food and talk! And even though I do spend a lot of time with my family, I now wish I had taken a little more time for my younger brother. Almost 4 months ago at age 24 he very unexpectedly passed away. It makes me sad to think of the times that he wanted to hang out or talk and I was too busy with my own life. So I also encourage everyone to not wait until tomorrow to spend time with your loved ones because there may not be a tomorrow!


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