Squash, Freezing

Is your garden providing you with more squash than you know what to do with? Do you have access to fresh squash at a local farmer’s market? Whether it is zucchini or yellow summer squash, have I got the answer for you – Freeze it!

Freezing squash could not be easier, especially if you have a food processor to shred it. If not, a hand grater also works, but just takes longer   :)   [Continue Reading]

Traditional Eating – Real Food

Traditional eating and real food on a budget – really?

While I have always considered us to be a healthy family, it was not until I was introduced to the GAPS diet and my results were so amazing with the dietary changes, that I really put two and two together. There is a definite correlation between what we eat and our physical health. Our health is directly related to our gut health – specifically the “good” gut bacteria. (If you are overrun with “bad” bacteria in your gut, they release toxins which can cause a host of physical symptoms.) [Continue Reading]

Want a Nourished Baby? – This is For You!

The following review contains links from my affiliate partner.

We all want our children to be healthy – its the motherly instinct. But what might surprise you, is that our children’s health begins even before they are born!

Are you or someone you know expecting or planning to in the future? Then, The Nourished Baby is for you!

The Nourished Baby is a new e-book written by Heather Dessinger from Mommypotamus. Heather is the mother of 2 adorable little one’s and she has much to share about nourishing our children. In fact, I wish I had this book before I began having children – I sure would have done things differently! Instead of my prescription prenatal vitamins I would have focused more on my nutrition before and during pregnancy. Instead of the popular way to introduce foods beginning with processed cereals,  I would have introduced more nutrient dense foods at the appropriate time. Plus, there are over 30 recipes which not only your baby but your whole family will enjoy!

The Nourished Baby will teach you:

[Continue Reading]

Squash, Grilled

I don’t know about you, but our garden is producing a lot of zucchini and yellow squash and,we sure are enjoying it! In an effort to keep the kitchen cool, this year I tried something new  – grilling! Grilled squash has quickly become our favorite way to eat it. Besides tasting good, it is so easy.  [Continue Reading]

Just Call Me “Grace”

Yes, that is a picture of my bedroom.

My bedroom, which has become a favorite place for Sprinkles to relieve herself!

Most days she does very well and I am encouraged that housebreaking her is going so well!

But, then there are other days ….  [Continue Reading]

ICF Filter House/Pavilion

Along with the greenhouse, we have started building a new filter house which will also be made out of the Rewards Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). While we used the ICF for simplicity in the greenhouse, we are using them for their insulation value in the filter house.   [Continue Reading]

ICF Greenhouse

Since the vineyard work has slowed and we are not so pushed for time, we have started building a greenhouse and a new filter house. John’s brother Joe was a great help in getting both projects started. Both will be utilizing Rewards ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms). We have been so pleased with the first phase of our ICF house (minus the chickens eating it!) we are using them once again.   [Continue Reading]


The past two and a half weeks have been a wonderful whirlwind filled with visitors.

Leaving family on the East coast has been the most difficult part of our lifestyle change. It is always wonderful to have visits from family and have them take part in our life.

The visitors’ roster included:  [Continue Reading]

We Have Veraison!

We have veraison in the vineyard in all varieties, Roussanne, Aglianico, and Montepulciano! That may not sound very exciting to you but it sure is to us!

In fact, you may be wondering,”what in the world is veraison?”.   [Continue Reading]

Petit Verdot and Moscato Giallo Training

A lot of work was done in the vineyard while I was in Georgia!

End posts and wires were put in place in the new planting of Petit Verdot and Moscato Giallo.

Both the Petit Verdot and Muscato Giallo were trained. Left to themselves, grapevines will grow to be quite bushy. This does not yield a vine which produces good quality fruit.  [Continue Reading]