Just Call Me “Grace”

Yes, that is a picture of my bedroom.

My bedroom, which has become a favorite place for Sprinkles to relieve herself!

Most days she does very well and I am encouraged that housebreaking her is going so well!

But, then there are other days ….  

Notice the bench.

It looks innocent, doesn’t it?

I think it is in cahoots with Sprinkles.

The bench leg attacked my toes – Really!

I had found a puddle on the far side of the bed – I know it was Sprinkles because she leaves tell-tale paw prints as she walks away! Anyway, I turned (determinedly but not angrily) to retrieve her, scold her and put her in her kennel.

That is when it happened.

The bench dislocated and broke my pinkie toe and the toe next to it on my right foot!

Talk about pain!

Not to be gross – but – the pain was even worse when I looked down and my pinkie toe was pointing sideways!

Thankfully, John was just outside and the children quickly got him. After discussing whether or not to go to the hospital, it was decided that John would play doctor. With the fan pointing on me, an ice-pack to my back and a bowl to throw-up in (just in case!) he pulled and straightened the toes – OUCH!

By the way, I did not need the bowl!   😉

So, now I sit. My toes on ice and turning blue.

But, not as blue as they should turn based on how they feel!

Maybe I should slow down and be more attentive to where my feet are going.

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