Pellenc 4560 Grape Harvester


I posted last week on Facebook that John and the boys were in California looking at a harvester – a Pellenc 4560 grape harvester.

Well, not only did they look at it, but also bought it! Then the question was whether or not it could be shipped here to West Texas in time for our first harvest.[Continue Reading]

Yogurt Popsicles

yogurt popsicles

Yogurt popsicles made with homemade yogurt, have become a family favorite – especially on hot summer days when we have been working in the vineyard all day…sweating!

As a mother, it is satisfying to know that I am giving my family not only a cool refreshing treat but also one that is good for them. Unlike store bought popsicles, yogurt popsicles have no artificial anything – no chemicals, no preservatives and no processed sugar!

I love to serve healthy treats and especially when there are probiotics involved! Yogurt is made from the fermentation of milk by bacterial cultures. These cultures remain alive even through freezing, which means when you eat a yogurt popsicle, you are feeding the good bacteria in you gut! With the 100F + temperatures that we have been having, these yogurt popsicles are very refreshing!

The first popsicle molds I purchased were from a local store on sale at the end of the season. They worked well so I bought another set, but this time the popsicles came out tasting and smelling like plastic – it was awful! So, I threw them away and ordered these popsicle molds and love them! Not only do the popsicles look nice but the children love having the wooden sticks – it the little things!   ;)

I have found that when making the mix for yogurt popsicles, it does taster sweeter than it will once it is frozen. So, don’t be worried when you sneak a taste and it is a bit too sweet – it will probably be just right when it is a yogurt popsicle!

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Nut Butter Waffles



For years, whole wheat pancakes and waffles have been our standard breakfast. For variety, nuts, bananas, raisins and even chocolate chips were added. I thought we were eating such a healthy, hearty breakfast! We would have been if the flour had been  properly prepared. Unfortunately, I had never heard about phytic acid or lectins in whole grain. I did not know that these antinutrients could be neutralized through soaking, sprouting or fermenting. This could certainly explain some of my intestinal problems and for sure my loss of bone density at such an early age! Anyway, we had them every morning, except Sundays which were eggs and biscuit day![Continue Reading]

A Few of My Favorite Things – August


I am amazed that we are already in the last week of August! For us, August is typically a busy month. Besides sampling the grapes twice per week and checking the brix and pH, we have birthdays (mine, 2 sons, a grandson) and our anniversary (28 yrs!). This year we have had the added excitement of buying our own grape harvester. [Continue Reading]

Mayonnaise, Lacto-Fermented Recipe

If you have not tried to make your own mayonnaise at home, it definitely should be put on your “to-do” list. Not only is it easy but it is also much healthier than it’s store bought counterpart. Using fresh pastured eggs, the raw egg yolk in homemade mayonnaise provides easy to absorb nutrients that your body will thrive on. (If you have trouble with egg whites, just use the yolk in the following recipe.) With olive oil, you are giving your body the good fats that your body can use rather than those which can actually damage your body. If you are not yet familiar with the differences in fats, you might want to read, “The Skinny on Fats” and “The Oiling of America“.

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Grapes – Are They Ripe Yet?

You might think that you can tell if a grape is ripe just by taste. To some extent that is true. For the winemaker, though, there is more to it than just taste. There are seed characteristics and chemistry stuff like Brix and pH to measure. It is a good thing John was a chemist in his former life and knows what he is doing – at least he acts like he does!   ;)   [Continue Reading]

Lemony Italian Creme


When we lived in Switzerland, it never ceased to amaze me how we could drive an hour or two and be in a totally different country with different culture and different language! My favorite country of all though, was Italy. Maybe I liked it so much because of their obvious love of big families (namely mine!). But then, the beautiful countryside certainly helped, the people, and of course, the food was great. What was NOT to love?   [Continue Reading]

Transitioning to a Traditional Diet – 4 Steps

Traffic sign future past sky background.

As I began seeing significant physical improvement as a direct result of the GAPS diet, I began wondering what was next? The GAPS diet is not intended to be a lifelong way of eating but only for a period of time necessary to heal the gut. If a change in diet had such a dramatic impact on my health, should I return to my former way of eating? What about the rest of the my family?[Continue Reading]

Unicycle Time Out!

I am afraid that I might have given the impression that all we do is work – in the  vineyard , gardening or building our house.  I assure you that, that is not true. Thankfully, our simpler farming life here in dusty West Texas affords us plenty of opportunity to relax and play.

Among other activities, we ride unicycles.  [Continue Reading]

Yogo-Mayo Dressing

Yogo-Mayo Dressing is the new Green Goddess dressing!

Do you remember Green Goddess dressing?

So, I may be dating myself but, I think it was popular in the 70’s and 80’s. Anyway, it was good and this is a healthy version of the dressing as I remember it.

You probably know how I feel about probiotics by now – but, if not, let me tell you! Probiotics are beneficial bacteria for your gut health. Gut disbyosis is a common problem among our generation primarily because of the processed foods eaten. They affect the balance of the bacterial in our gut and it becomes out of whack – the “bad” bacteria become predominant occupants and this may cause a host of physical and even psychological problems. Available from my affiliate partner, Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride  deals with gut disbyosis in detail and I highly recommend it!

But, what does this have to do with Yogo-Mayo Dressing?

Yogo-Mayo Dressing not only tastes great but it has the added advantage of yogurt as an ingredient. Yogurt is a probiotic meaning that it contains beneficial bacteria which is good for your intestinal health. I love it when I can sneak probiotics into a meal without detection!![Continue Reading]