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I am amazed that we are already in the last week of August! For us, August is typically a busy month. Besides sampling the grapes twice per week and checking the brix and pH, we have birthdays (mine, 2 sons, a grandson) and our anniversary (28 yrs!). This year we have had the added excitement of buying our own grape harvester. John and the boys made a trip to California last week to check it out. It should arrive here in West Texas by the end of the week, just in time for our first harvest! I’ll post pictures as soon as it arrives.

Head over to Cheeseslave where we were featured on the “Real Food Kitchen Tour” over at the Cheeseslave and “Home on the Range” at the Real Food Forager – what an honor! And, I hosted a giveaway for “The Nourished Baby E-Book“, which by the way, you can still purchase for a 20% discount using the code SUPERMAMA through Aug. 31.

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Elsewhere, my favorite things in August include:

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  1. Teresa says

    Happy Anniversary!!Congratulations on 28 years! We too celebrated our 28th this month! Just want to say how much I love reading your blog! I have made your recipe for Raw Cho. Pudding & Kombucha…love them both and have made them many times now! I just ordered a Bosch Dough mixer…so can’t wait to make the whole wheat bread! Love reading about your family and all your many projects….especially enjoy all your photos!
    I have a question about your irrigation for your vineyard and greenhouse! We’ve noticed when we water (well water) our plants don’t grow much…put when it rains they shout right up. So just was wondering…. do you have to add something to your irrigation water to make it more like rain water for your plants to grow?? Thank you!

    • says

      Thanks, Teresa – congratulations to you too! I am so glad you are enjoying the recipes and excited for you about the Bosch – it is a great machine! Make sure to use sprouted flour or soak your flour overnight with some kefir to neutralize the phytic acid. Check out my WW Bread recipe and I give more info. When soaked, the bread does come out a bit heavier but still very good.

      As far as well water, we do not add anything to it. We have very good clean water so I’m not sure what you could do. I know we use compost to fertilize the vineyard and will sometimes give extra nitrogen through the drip tape but otherwise, it is just water.

  2. says

    you are in west texas, cool. if you ever want houseguests or know of a nearby b&b let me know, we’d love to come visit. how far of a drive from houston?

    is it possible for wine to bring on a healing reaction? (detox). i’ve been getting BAD hangovers from 1-2 glasses of wine???? don’t know if that means my liver is toxic and it can’t handle the alcohol metabolism or if it might be a healing reaction. i know cheap wines can sometimes hurt me even if i have one glass, but hubby got a bottle of amarone from famiglia pasqua (della valpolicella) as a bday present and it sounded like a real, true fermented beverage so i indulged and had two glasses. minor “hangover” next day.

    • says

      Jenna, we would love to have you visit! It would be about a 10 hr drive – I think. Not sure about the detox. I have had problems with white wines before because of the added sulfites. I would tend to think maybe liver indications but not really sure.

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