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A friend cornered me after church Sunday and had a question for me. We had spoken at length on previous occasions about his health problems and how the GAPS diet might benefit him. He also knew that we had done GAPS as a family and now, all but myself are on a traditional, real food diet. He wanted to have a healthier life and wanted to start the GAPS diet but…

His question:

“If I can only do one thing, what one change should I make in my diet?”

As I searched for an answer, I realized this was a very valid question. After all, if you are beginning the GAPS diet or transitioning to a   real foods diet, it can be completely overwhelming. He did not want to do just “one” thing, but he did not know where to start. Being completely  overwhelmed, he had done nothing so far.

My answer:

Knowing that he had read Gut and Psychology Syndrome, we talked through the 6 stages of the introduction diet and the purpose of it – an  elimination diet which encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut while destroying the “bad” bacteria. I encouraged him to just get started with what he could do.

People approach challenges in many different ways. For me, I was desperate for help – I was in pain, my quality of life was deteriorating and I felt that I had to do something so, I jumped right in with the introduction diet going through each of the 6 stages slowly. Others, rather than jumping in with both feet, take slower steps, doing one new healthy addition at a time.

His response:

After a short discussion, he decided that adding probiotic foods, such as, sauerkraut, yogurt and kefir, into his diet was do-able.

I am sure this friend is not the only person who reads and decides what should be done, but has trouble actually doing it. Whether it is the GAPS diet or a traditional wholesome diet, remember that any step taken will provide more benefits than if you had done nothing! However you take it – jumping in, step by step or somewhere in between – just get started and make the changes.


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  1. KimH says

    I feel your friends pain I havent read much, if anything about GAPS nor Weston A Price or Sally Fallons books, but I plan to eventually. Nutrition & Degeneration just became available for me at the library after having it on hold for 9 months. Looks like lots of folks want to read it.

    Adding probiotics to my diet is where I’ve started as well, but Im starting very slow since I dont really have much time to study these days.

    I did start making milk kefir which I loved, but my body doesnt. I can tolerate a small bit of milk products, but once I add them to my diet on a daily basis, I get the most horrible eye twitches. I went on the AHA diet some 10 or 13 years ago & it manifested when I was eating yogurt every day and it did it again when I started consuming kefir every day.

    A friend was recently diagnosed with MS and she knows I study natural living & healing so she came to me asking me for help. I started looking into information regarding MS & it turns out there is a large body of scientists & lay folks who believe it is caused from either cow milk or from grain the cows consume. It applies to all cow milk products with the exception of hard cheeses. I thought that quite interesting.

    10 or 12 years ago when I was going to an endocrinologist for many apparent autoimmune problems, he was having me sent to be tested for MS. I never did go though, because I went on a low carb diet soon after & all my symptoms completely disappeared. I quit consuming all dairy with the exception of cheese, occasionally.

    So while kefir is out for me, I’ve been making kombucha for a couple months and Im loving it. I’ve made pickles and Im looking forward to making sour kraut soon.

    Baby steps it is. Have a great day!!

    • says

      Thanks for the input, Kim! I am glad you are enjoying kombucha and other fermented food even if you can not tolerate dairy. Interesting info about MS and I would suspect that many would benefit from GAPS to heal their intestines. After all, when the milk proteins (or gluten, dissacharides and other foods requiring the additional breakdown at the intestinal wall level) pass into the bloodstream undigested, they cause problems which include autoimmune issues.

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