Weekly Giveaway – Popsicle Mold Set!

The following giveaway contains links to my affiliate partners for products that I personally use and recommend.

I am so excited you have joined me here at Cultured Palate!

To show my appreciation, I am starting a weekly giveaway! After all, Christmas is upon us and I want to encourage you to pursue a healthier way of life but mostly, I appreciate my readers – it is my way of saying “Thank You!”

Since these are not sponsored giveaways, the prizes will not be huge – but they will be free to you (if you win) and shipped right to your door! After all, it is the thought that counts – right?

The first giveaway will be one set of Tovolo Groovy Ice Pop Molds!These popsicle molds are BPA free and I can tell you that is important. I purchased a cheap set of popsicle molds and the popsicles came out tasting like plastic! So, do yourself a favor and start out right with molds that are BPA free.

Our family really enjoys kefir popsicles and yogurt popsicles. Both recipes are a great way to get more probiotics into your family’s diet. I know it is cold outside in many parts of the country, but popsicles are great anytime!

Enter to Win:

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  1. Ouida Lampert says:

    If it was Summer, it would be peach (with yogurt), but, since it’s Winter here, I might try something with cranberry and honey – and yogurt.

  2. Coconut and lime popsicles!

  3. I would make fresh apple juice popsicles!!

  4. I would make greek yogurt popsicles or fresh fruit…I am even thinking some coffee flavored ones would be fun!!

  5. Justine Batchelder says:

    I hope I win the popsicle maker…my kids love them!

  6. Shelly Smith says:

    WE love berry flavors (with yogurt!)

  7. Miss Miller says:

    Ginger/pumpkin would be my choice this time of year

  8. Probably yogurt and a mixture of fruits – banana, blueberries, mango…yum!

  9. I have no idea what kind I would make first. Probably a strawberry banana.

  10. I would probably make a kefir blueberry popsicle.

  11. My kids love Lemon.

  12. I would make berry popsicles using my kids favorite smoothie recipe!

  13. Kombucha Popsicles are delicious and healthy!!!

  14. michelle edsalll says:

    I would make a grape/coconut milk popsicle we love those :)

  15. I would try a popsicle with greek yogurt and fruit.

  16. I’m signed up via Google Reader – I hope that counts! I’ve been wanting to try a recipe for kefir popsicles for a while now.

  17. I’ve thought about buying these–they look great! I’d probably make a strawberry-yogurt popsicle, or maybe one with mango.

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