Rain, School and Doughnuts

Today on Family Friday, I thought I would give a quick run down of our week and end with the highlight!

We have had extremely cold, wet and windy weather here in west Texas. This is why be started pruning the vineyard early – so we would not have to prune in this type of weather. No one likes pruning with 41 mph winds! It is just not pleasant.

So, we have spent the week intensely doing schoolwork. Nobody has complained because they know the alternative is to go outside and prune!   😉

We are expecting John’s brother, Joe to arrive this afternoon and will pick him up at the airport. Mary, John’s sister has been here for a week and is helping us prune, as well as, motivating us to knit and hook rugs!

The highlight of the week though, was last night’s supper. We had homemade doughnuts! Now, doughnuts may sound funny as a meal, but ours are healthy. Our oldest daughter and her husband gave us a bakery doughnut rolling pin for Christmas.

doughnut roller

Once the dough is mixed up, we use a normal rolling pin to roll it out and then go over it with the doughnut roller. One pass is made with the doughnut roller and then a second to cut the remainder of the dough. It is so much easier than cutting out each individual doughnut and hole.

dough rolled with doughnut roller

Since the dough is only rolled out once, the doughnuts are much lighter and fluffier than when we rolled, cut out doughnuts and re-rolled the dough until all was cut and cooked. As you can see, the number of doughnuts made for our family is impressive. Making our own doughnuts, besides being healthier, is much better easier on our budget!

dough rolled

Once deep fried the doughnuts are iced and eaten. Oh, and to balance out the meal, we had fresh, cold, raw milk. Mmmm!

doughnuts ready to eat

Even though we make homemade doughnuts once or twice a month, this is the first time since I have been on the GAPS diet that I have indulged and …  they were delicious!



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  1. says

    Oh I just love donuts.. they dont love me, sigh.. but I do indulge once or twice a year.. :) That donut roller is an awesome tool. I’ve never seen one before.

  2. says

    From one Gaps RA lady to another, did you hurt afterward? I hope not, but I fully realize it might have been worth it even if you did. As someone who fears indulging, I’m just curious.

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