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favorite things

March was an exciting month for us! The biggest happening was our house in Alabama sold! After 5 years on the market, it actually sold! We had put it on the market just as the housing crisis hit. We took a break from pruning, made a trip back to clean out the rest of our belongings and sign papers. Now, we are Texans for good – I hope!

After returning from Alabama, we immediately jumped into planting the 2013 vines. Before leaving, John had prepared for planting by expanding the underground drip irrigation. So, when the grapevines arrived, we were ready for planting. We planted 5 acres total – 4 acres of Montepulciano and 1 acre of Aglianico, both Italian reds. Apart from harvest, planting is one of the most exciting times in the vineyard! Once planting was finished, we returned to pruning. We only have about 2 1/2 acres left of heavy pruning – YEAH! My hands will be thankful when it is completed!

The week before planting, we had fun hosting Courtney from The Polivka Family blog. She was returning from a trip to California and stopped by on her way home. Not only did we have fun visiting with her and getting to know her, we even put her to work in the vineyard! You can read more about our visit in her post, “Courtney’s Blogger Tour – Dina-Marie’s farm @ Cultured Palate“.

I was privileged to guest post at my friend’s Kristen blog, Food Renegade about foods causing inflammation. This is a subject I am very familiar with having suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for many years. It is amazing the healing power of REAL food! Elsewhere …

  • I have started thinking about our garden which usually gets planted in May. I have not thought about planting other perennial vegetables but it would be nice to have more carefree vegetables like my asparagus!
  • I am a frugal person by nature. I do not like to see waste. I even wash out my Ziploc freezer bags after each use unless it held meat or has a hole in it. I do this not because they are so expensive, but because they are still good and I don’t want to waste. I know there are many more ways I could live green and make more use of what I have. How disconnected from our food are you?
  • I have been taking coconut oil daily in an effort to help balance hormones. Balancing hormones naturally is definitely a subject that interests me!
  • I just ordered refined coconut oil for soapmaking. How do you know which to purchase, refined vs. unrefined coconut oil, what is the difference? Looking for coconut products? Click Here.
  • Are you confused about which fats to use? This post gives a print out guide for choosing and using good fats(where to buy healthy oils)
  • Do you use bronzer? Here is a recipe for homemade bronzer that sounds very easy!
  • How about some food for thought – Homesteading and the Big Machine.

March has definitely been a whirlwind month for us – I hope you had a good one!


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  1. Haidi Telles says

    I enjoyed perusing your links. Yes, it is exciting to think about gardening. I am a gardener from way back though I confess that gardening in Tx takes on a new meaning in terms of extremes!

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