Week in Review – July 13

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My week was a combination of errands, vineyard work and cooking.

I think the most exciting thing that happened this week was … our 15 year old son took and passed the test for his learner’s driving permit. That’s right – Watch out!

Buckle up!

Pray for us!

All kidding aside, he is very responsible and has really studied. Nevertheless, prayers are appreciated!

It has also been busy around the blogosphere and here are some of the highlights – many of which I have shared on Facebook this week – so, if you haven’t joined us now is the time Cultured Palate of Facebook.

  • If you remember my photography class, Madey Edlin is the blogger who told me about the Institute in Photographic Studies. Her blog is filled with gorgeous, mouthwatering photos that just make you drool! Her Summer Raspberry Birthday Cake looks yummy! Although Madey’s recipes call for sugar, in her “notes” she clarifies that all recipes are tested with evaporated cane sugar which is not only less processed than white sugar but even less processed than sugar in the raw. Trade names for evaporated cane sugar are Rapudura and Sucanat.
  • I love finding new recipes and a great place to find healthy ones is right here every Thursday on Tasty Traditions! There are also a couple of other weekly recipe round-ups that you might enjoy, Tasty Tuesday and Count Your Blessings Monday.
  • Looking for a new chicken recipe? Stitching Hearts Together has a chicken recipe round-up with some great looking dishes including Cultured Palate’s own Chicken Curry!
  • Have you ever bought avocados that were hard (as in not ripe) because they were on sale? What do you do to ripen them? Here is the fastest way I have found to ripen avocados and I’m not alone!
  • Have you experienced success with the GAPS diet? I sure have and you can read more about my experience and how GAPS and osteoporosis are related, at least in my case. Here is a testimony of another gal who through the GAPS Intro diet experienced relief from physical and mental symptoms.
  • Now, to make your mouth water – check out this Lemon Lime Coconut Candy recipe!
  • I have found a new blog, Wednesday Chef! I feel a real connection with Luisa I guess because of our 4 years living in Switzerland. She lives in Berlin and I am enjoying getting to know her. She has a Best Roasted Vegetables Ever that sounds delicious – it is from her aunt and rather than spread the vegies out on a pan, she piles them up on a pan – you gotta check it out!

How was your week? Leave a comment and let me know!

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    I love your site! My husband and I are thinking of adopting and I’ve gotten interested in the GAPS diet because of that. Been interested in traditional foods for awhile. Thanks for the great info!

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    Hi there Dina-Marie, Your site looks so nice and clean…..But my, how do you keep up with those 10??????? Cannot wait to see what else you are posting.

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