Week in Review – July 20

homemade doughnuts

July is quickly coming to a close and my birthday is only 30 days away! Not that I am counting any more but ….

This week was filled with rain, both inside and outside! As you can read here, we now know where the water is coming from and are taking steps (even as I type) to fix it! Even though we rarely have rain here in west Texas, when we do, we have to mop up the incoming – I will be glad when we don’t!

For us this rainy week has meant a couple of “pajama days” – you know, you stay in your pajamas for most, if not all day! While we could have used the time wisely and done some schoolwork, we opted for the lazy option of watching Hawaii Five-O‘s, doing some baking (bread and doughnuts) and just generally relaxing and having fun!

There have been quite a few interesting articles and yummy sounding recipes around the blogosphere this week and here are some of my favorites…


With the heat of summer upon us, I am always looking at salad and cool meal recipes. This fresh fig & gorgonzola salad definitely caught my eye!


Have you heard of mortadella? It is actually an Italian sausage or cold cut, similar to bologna. This mortadella and smoked mozzarella panini is a must try!


Delicious Days has a Scarlet Rose and Berry Pudding that sounds wonderful. I learned of a new ingredient, rose water which has a delicate flavor. Be sure to purchase food grade and not the perfume or body splash! I can’t wait to try it with honey.


I am learning so much about the medicinal uses for herbs! Here is an article about herbs for tummy problems.


I have been inspired to plant garlic after seeing this garlic harvest! Now, if I can just remember to do it in October!


Insalata Caprese is an Italian dish that I have not tried but certainly plan to!





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  1. Susan says

    Oh, how I love pajama days!! But it always seems the day I opt to take one, is the same day someone will drop by. They never seem to do so when I’m dressed and presentable! Then I hate having to answer their questions about why I’m not dressed. One person told me everyone should get dressed everyday by 8 am….period. I laughed it off and reminded this person that I don’t come to their house and tell them what to do…..But it still annoyed me. Jammie days are, in my opinion, one of the most healing things we can all do!

  2. Sarah says

    We have had Christmas Day as Jammie Day for several years now! My oldest daughter looks forward to it more than anyone.

  3. jamie says

    You have to have those lazy days occasionally! :) I planted garlic for the first time this past fall and was so excited that is actually came up! I was worried it wouldn’t, but it did and now I have about 90 some heads of garlic drying in my parent’s basement!

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