Change is Good

Some of you may remember a saying about how God works with doors, windows and such. Well, I have a variation for you: When God closes a door, sometimes there isn’t a window to open.

That’s where I found myself over Christmas. I had gotten it into my head to move my blog to a bigger, better, faster server so as to accommodate the growing traffic I was experiencing. Well, the supposedly seamless transfer hit a glitch and my blog disappeared from the internet for about a week. As it started coming back, the pictures wouldn’t load right, the layout was squirreled up and some past posts were lost.

During this period in which I had absolutely no control over the circumstances, three proverbial light bulbs came on in my head. 1. To my humbling surprise, no one wrote or called saying their lives also went on the blink while my blog was down! ( a few people did subsequently write and I appreciate the encouragement – thank you!). 2. Many members of my family expressed their appreciation to have their wife and mother back full time. 3. My unrecognized elevated stress level dramatically dropped and I began sleeping soundly once again.

So…. It is not that I don’t care about positively impacting your lives – I do. But right now I see a tremendous value in re-simplifying my life and focusing more intently on my family. I plan to leave the blog up for a year (it’s already paid for) and for those who want to follow our family’s vineyard adventure, my husband started a facebook page, Oswald Vineyard.

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  1. Liz Landers says

    Dina Marie, I almost called you but thought that with fb causing trouble for several other blogs I follow, I thought yours might be one also. I do miss your wisdom and have very much appreciated the results of your food research. It has helped me tremendously on film sets. We get every request under the sun for every diet plan under the sun. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve quoted you or used knowledge gained from you. The desire for more family time and less stress is certainly understandable but I know I speak for many, we would be glad to hear from you whenever it is convenient for you! xoxo,

  2. Teresa says

    Hi Dina Marie,
    I will miss you!!! I absolutely loved your blog! I thought you were just taking a very long break (and I know how we all need breaks at some time in our lives) so that is why I did not comment. I’m going to soooo miss it….but will treasure all the things I have learned! May God Bless you and your family!

  3. Sarah says

    Dear Dina-Marie, I have been checking almost daily for a new post from you and am thrilled to read one from you. I am very glad that everthing is going well. I am also very happy that you are taking what steps you need to for your family. I appreciate knowing the time frame of your blog being open to make sure that I get all of the recipes we enjoy printed off instead of referring to the page. My husband is always after me to do that anyway since one never knows when computers/internet is going to go out. I wish you all the best and enjoy your family!
    Sarah Robinson

  4. Haidi says

    Dina-Marie, I will miss your thorough and informative posts in varied subjects, including vineyard adventures. I will also miss keeping up with you and your family online but we will just have to come visit you instead. All the best with your new season.

  5. jamie says

    I am so sad you wont be posting anymore! I checked often to see if you were posting again and didn’t comment because I thought you were taking a break and didn’t want to be a bother! I really enjoy all your posts! A couple of my favorites are your healthy chocolate pudding recipe (love that stuff!), I really enjoyed hearing about the butchering of your cow (I found it very interesting!), and I am wanting to try some of your frozen yogurt recipes! I also really appreciate that you responded to my personal emails when I had questions! You are so caring to be willing to do that! Thank you! I will very much miss your posts, but I am so happy that you can spend time with your family and feel less stress now! I think those are very important! I will miss you!

  6. Kate Chattic says

    What an excellent way for God to show you some things you could not see and to direct your path! I agree with your decision wholeheartedly. You are a mother first – and your family is infinitely more important than blogging – though I did enjoy your posts immensely!


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