Oswald Vineyard May/June 2014

Oswald Vineyard June 2014

When I last posted in March, Change is Good, I had no intention of continuing Cultured Palate. What you might ask, has changed?

Well, I am still very much enjoying being more concentrated on and more  accessible for my family. But, I have been touched by the emails, comments and questions about what is going on with us now. So, I thought I would revisit those of you who have taken the time to get to know our family with periodic updates.

A lot has happened in these few months – we have a new milk cow, took a 5000+ mile trip to Maine (in our 15 passenger van) and have a new vineyard toy imported from France – but, I will tell you more about all that later!

Even though I have worked in the vineyard in years past, I have spent even more time working with the family since redirecting how my time is spent. After all the pruning was finished, we had a late freeze on April 15th with 21.7 F temperature. Despite the fact that our vines were budded out and we had 6 inch long shoots, the Lord miraculously protected the vineyard. Thankfully, we had very little damage and Lord willing, we will have a bumper crop.

You can see in the photo below, the grapes blooming.

grapes in bloom Below are blooms (on the left) with tight clusters (on the right) yet to bloom beside them.

grape blooms In May, you can seen the vineyard view from on top of the filter house.

Vineyard May 2014 If you look back at the first picture, you can see how much growth has occurred in just a month’s time!

Now, for the grapes – yes, they are green but thankfully, there are a lot there!!!

Montepulciano grapes And, one more:

Aglianico Grapes

Vineyard work is in full swing and I can’t wait to tell you about our new vineyard toy!

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  1. Terri says

    YIIIPPPPPEEE……I’m so happy your staying! I will be looking forward to your posts! A 5000 mile trip in a 15 passenger van? Sounds like country music song!

  2. Gay says

    Really enjoyed your post. My husband and I love wine so this was interesting to see the different stages of growth. I much prefer an occasional post that is truly interesting than the blogs that put a post almost daily of things that have been posted about over and over again or repost someone else’s posts just to get something out there. We all are busy and have limited time so I much prefer your intent of fewer but meaningful post! Thank you!

  3. Teresa says

    Hi Dina Marie
    YEAH! I’m so excited to get to read more about all your many adventures! (Hopefully you will throw in a recipe here and there…love them too!) I’ve been thinking and praying for you! Look forward to all the post to come!!
    (So glad your back…now just don’t scare us like that again!) Hehe!

  4. jamie says

    Yay!!! I am so glad to see you are back! I was getting on to check out some of your recipes and was surprised and very excited to see current posts!


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