Bernie – Our New Shih-poo

Bernie Our New Shih-Poo

After losing Sprinkles, our much loved  shih-poo, it took a while to find another dog to be our inside house pet. Considering the circumstances of her death, we decided against another shih-poo. But the dilema then became what to get.

Living in what will be the basement of our home with 1500 sq ft for the 9 of us, a large dog inside could become a source of irritation – especially for those in the family that are not true dog lovers! So, while a big dog would probably not be the best for us right now, I knew I wanted some type of a poodle mix because any dog bred with a poodle will have little to no shedding.

A shih-poo is half shih tzu and half poodle. After having corgis for years, as much as we enjoyed them, not having dog hair on the floor was a real plus to a shih-poo. Finally, even with the knowledge that a small dog in a large active family would necessitate attentiveness to his or her safety, the personality and the size of the shih-poo prevailed and I would like you to meet Bernie.

Bernie Our New Shih-Poo

Bernie is 4 mths old and was born in Georgia about 30 minutes from Macon, where my mom and sister live. John and I were going to take a road trip to San Antonio to pick him up (the breeder’s husband is a trucker and would bring him that far) but it worked out for the children and I to make a visit to Mimi and EC (as the children call my sister). John and I still have to reschedule a road trip!

When we first picked him up, he was overwhelmed – I know we get overwhelming for me sometimes and I can only imagine how this poor puppy felt! But, he gets more confident every day and is getting use to the people and the noise. He sure gets a lot of loving!

20140727-DMO-1948Bernie Our New Shih-Poo

Housebreaking is going well but there are still accidents. Like Sprinkles, Bernie rarely barks which is really nice. But, I would like him to bark when he has to “go”.

If you remember, Sprinkles and Lolli (our cat) would eat out of the same dish – we were never sure if Sprinkles thought she was a cat or Lolli thought she was a dog! So far, Bernie and Lolli get along but have not eaten together – time will tell if they develop the same type of relationship.

A shih-poo or any poodle mix will have hair that grows and must be clipped. Being the do it yourself types, we will groom Bernie ourselves.  Some people might think that is a draw back to having a shih-poo but, it really is very easy and only needs to be done every 6 – 8 weeks. Bernie lays down for his clipping and doesn’t seem to mind it at all!

Bernie Our New Shih-Poo

Bernie has only been a part of the family for about a week now and already he has won everyone’s heart – even the more devout cat lovers of the family!


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  1. Sarah says

    Is a shih-poo a hypoallergenic breed? Our family had a rescue dog for 4 days only to find that with prolonged exposure our 15 month olds eczema grew much worse. That was hearbreaking to have to take her back. She was an amazing dog and a great fit for our family. We would love to try again but need to proceed with caution. We have since found out that selective dogs’ saliva cause her to break out in hives. Bernie looks like a sweetheart. I am happy that your family has been able to find another dog to join your family.

  2. Shaina says

    Hi Dina,

    I know this post is pretty old, but I came across it while researching shih-poos. I’m interested in the breeder you used and was wondering if you would be willing to share this information with me? Bernie is adorable!

    Thank you!

    • says

      Shaina, I will look for her info but I found her through Puppy Find and searched the Georgia area – she was outside of Macon, Ga. (My mom lives there and I was going to be visiting.)


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